Create Unique Blog posts following 8 simple Steps

Create  Unique Blog posts following 8 simple Steps

 Write Popular Blog Content Easily

Blogging and vlogging have become two very important career options in the twentieth century. How to start a blog account? – We’ve talked about that before. But there are still many steps to follow to increase the popularity of the blog. Today we will discuss the most important step. That is the content of your blog. About ninety percent of your blog’s growth depends on this step. So here are some tips on how to maintain the quality of your blog content.

1. Topics –

Before writing beautiful content you need to decide on a specific topic. Not necessarily the topic will always be different than the others. Rather it is more important to pick a popular topic that people are interested in overall. If you have trouble picking a topic like this, use the Google trends, Trendz 24 site from where you can find the last 24 hours or even the last 1-hour trending topic. So the first step is to choose the topic skillfully.


2.Write Your Own:

The popular topic you may have picked up has been written by many before you. But in order to increase post engagement and Google ranking, you have to write about that popular topic. So your writing must be different from others. Your writing must have its own uniqueness. So gather knowledge from some good sources, then organize the topic in your own way, give your own opinion, give your own opinion which will help maintain a relevant style in your writing.

3. Keywords –

Keywords research tools

The keyword is one or more words on the basis of which blog content is written. These words change over time. Words or words get popularity based on the situation. The more popular the keywords, the higher the tendency to search on Google or social media. So start writing only after researching contemporary popular keywords. For example, “Corona” is a keyword nowadays. Because people are constantly searching for it. Somehow you need to increase its use in your writing. Make sure you put that word in the headline. Make sure you remember to use that word in the first 50 words of the text. If possible, use sub-headlines. But use it in a meaningful way and the use of the word must be normal.


4. Word Choice –

Emphasize choosing the right words in writing. Write different words with the same meaning without using the same word over and over again. The more variety in word choice, the more interesting the writing will become.

5. Writing Length –

                   Many of us say that the length of the writing does not depend on anything. But everything depends on everything and if you want to do well, you have to give importance to everything. Although Google does not acknowledge, according to data from various studies conducted on the website, texts above 1000 words get ranked quickly in Google, and often even get nominated for AdSense. So try writing that is 1000 words. However, it is not always possible to maintain this amount of words, so try to write at least 500 words.

6.Compatibility –

You must have thought about starting a blog account. In the beginning you have to give a brief description of what the blog is about. Now some write about fashion, some about movies, some about tech, and many more. You also choose a subject that you are studying or interested in or have a deep knowledge of that subject. And keep in mind that all writing is based on that subject. Then Google will be able to identify your blog. For example, if you open a blog about tech, science, then you start posting movie reviews on that blog, then it will be a problem for Google. So pay special attention to the content of your blog so that it is consistent with the content of your writing.

7. Audience-


Initially, your content needs to be popular for the rise of your blog. So you have to write about things that benefit the audience. Write about education, personal care, personal improvement, fashion, tutorials, entertainment, and something creative. From where the visitors benefit. Always be honest in blog writing, you will quickly reach the audience’s list of favorites.


8. Writing value –

Also, increase the quality of writing

* Use points, sub-points, and tables in writing to make writing easier. The writing will become more understandable.

* Needless to say, use video footage and pictures that will make the writing interesting very quickly.

* Add the opinions of various researchers or experts on the subject in the content. Enrich your content with information and examples.

* If it is not possible to discuss any topic in-depth in the content, provide a link to another resource or another page of your blog where you have discussed the matter in a consistent manner.

Finally, upload your blog according to a specific routine. Which is good for the future of your blog. And yes, be patient, work hard, it takes at least 6 months to grow a blog properly. And don’t forget to let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks. Stay home. Stay healthy.


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