Earth magnetic field decreasing: is it another threat of 2020!

Earth magnetic field decreasing: is it another threat of 2020!


The magnitude of the magnetic field between South America and Africa is slowly declining, according to new data from the European Space Agency’s satellite. Which is very exciting information. But why is this happening?

What is the Earth’s magnetic field?

Earth’s magnetic field is known as geomagnetic field. It extends from the interior of the earth to space. Helps to save the earth from the solar flow. Due to the convection flow of molten iron and nickel in the earth’s interior, this geomagnetic field is created in a geo-dynamo manner. Its value on the Earth’s surface is about 25 to 65 micro Tesla (0.25 to 0.75 Gauss).


This magnetic field of the earth is constantly weakening across the region between Africa and South America. According to the ESA (European Space Agency), this could cause mechanical stagnation between satellites orbiting the earth. However, they assure that the rate of decline is still normal.

Overall, the Earth’s North Pole has moved from Canada to Russia’s Siberia. The speed of this movement is not always constant. The maximum speed can be 50 to 60 km per year. According to a study, the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field has decreased by about 9 percent in the last two centuries. Between 1980 and 2020, this intensity decreased arbitrarily between Africa and South America, known as the South Atlantic Inconsistency. The speed of this discrepancy was about 20 kilometers per year.

A compass can point in the right direction based on the earth’s magnetic field. The beautiful ‘The Northern Lights’ seen in the polar regions are also due to the geomagnetic field. Different energy particles from the sun are transmitted to the Earth’s magnetic field pole where they combine with the Earth’s atmosphere to form the Aurora Borealis.

দুর্বল হচ্ছে ভূচৌম্বকক্ষেত্র, বিপদের মুখে টেলিকমিউনিকেশনস ও স্যাটেলাইট

What kind of problem would that be-

1. The Earth’s magnetic field protects the Earth’s life force from the effects of harmful cosmic rays and the flow of various charged particles. So if the magnetic field is weak, the life of the animals living on earth will be in doubt.

2. Birds, reptiles, and various other species maintained their navigation systems by magnetic fields. They will have problems.

3. If the navigation and mapping system is turned off, there will be problems in running the phone.

4. There will be a stagnation in satellite and space research.

5. The normal functioning of the Internet and telecommunications systems will be disrupted. As a result, smartphones and computer systems may become obsolete.

Why is this problem?

Scientists have not yet been able to gather any clear information about the cause of the problem. According to ESA, this is the biggest question now.

According to researchers at the University of Leeds, the understanding between the two magnetic poles is probably the cause. The intensity of the Earth’s internal negative magnetic flux changes due to changes in the concentration of molten iron and nickel-like substances in the earth’s crust. This flow from Canada to Siberia is more likely to be polar and migrating along with this.

Another reason is that the Earth’s poles may be overturned. This type of geomagnetic polar reversal usually occurs once every 250,000 years. Which last happened 780,000 years ago. There are necessarily long arrears.

According to the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, such events are expected to take at least 10,000 years.

No exact reason has been known yet. Why the intensity is decreasing. It is important to have a lot of information about what could be more bad effects as a result. It is still concentrated at the research stage. But who knows what else is waiting for 2020. Why the Earth’s magnetic field is weak is a mystery at the moment.


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