How to use Reverse Psychology effectively? 5 things to avoid

Reverse psychology’ is not a daily life term but also not a rare term. It’s not opposite term for psychology, rather it’s just a part of psychology. Psychology is a broad part that dedicates to the study of human mind, thought process, behaviour, sleep, dream, personality and emotion etc.

Reverse Psychology

In one word ‘Psychology’ is the study of mind and behavior.  

what is reverse psychology ?

Reverse Psychology is an effective method you can use to get your work done by others, by simply telling them exact opposite of what you desired.

Reverse Psychology

Why you should use it ?


Most of the child are rebellious in early age you can’t convince them, you also can’t order them to do something. They just hate the way of ‘told to do‘ if you told them to do something they will do something opposite to them. Child Psychology is a complex thing if you use them to do so it will become tougher every time. So as a teacher or as a parent you can just use reverse psychology to get your work done.  You should tell them to do something opposite of what you want them to do. Most of the time you will get good results. 


You can use it outside your home to office, business and other purpose. Sometimes when you use reverse psychology is not that much effective in older with respect to the children but still it’s effective. You can find one of your employee, or one of your colleague, or boss rebellious.

So for your desired work you need to use reverse psychology with them but in a different way. You need to be patient you need to be one step ahead to do 

Things you should avoid for success in Reverse Psychology 

  1. You shouldn’t sound like you’re ordering never do that always say the opposite things in convincing way like your requesting them.
  2.  Always keep your voice low never do that in a way they finds rude.
  3. don’t use it every time if you use it regularly they could guess it, if you get caught one time it will be impossible for the next time.
  4. Don’t force your children all the time know the difference between manipulation and reverse psychology.
  5. Don’t overuse it don’t use it in serious conditions or to dig up emotional matters reverse psychology could be a backfire if you go too far.   

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Reverse Psychology

Remember everyone is different and everyone has a different psychological state, same thing is not applicable for everyone.  Always keeps in control while doing this. No doubt it’s a tricky thing.


Psychology is a very complex matter, same things can give you different results for different persons.  So be prepared. That’s why God doesn’t give us power to read minds, secrets are part of our life, secret, lies are also important to keep things going.

Everything has a reaction depending on timing. Psychology is like believing. If anybody catches you, they will never trust you. Trust is on of  the most priceless things on earth. So be careful and sometimes do you work on your own. Stay safe. If you want more content like this follow us by logging in our newsletter.

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