Is it always a right decision to choose science in 10+2!

Is it always a right decision to choose science in 10+2!

At present most of the students are choosing science subjects for 10 + 2 level studies. Better to say parents make students to choose science. But most students will hesitate to answer the question of why they are taking science. Many parents answer, “My son / daughter has passed the secondary school with 80 percent marks, so he should study science.” The argument is ridiculous, that’s what we’re hearing. Of course, science is a good choice, but it is important to have a good idea of what can be done or what you want to do, not just if you like it. Only then your work will match success. So before choosing a science-based career, sit down to write an article about how not to make those mistakes.

For students –

Of course, there is no doubt that studying science will make your career versatile. But students always want to be doctors or engineers from science. They put B.Sc and M.Sc as last choice. Because everyone has a misconception that after studying BSc or MSc, you have to work as a teacher or lab assistant.

Of course, being a doctor or an engineer is a big deal. But this idea about MSc or BSc is not correct. It should be remembered that even after this there is higher education. Every subject of science can be studied in depth even in small parts. Which is not possible for us to know from now on. Another thing is that in Honors in Science we mean Honors in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in general. Of course, these branches of science are the biggest, so there is more competition. But not only teachers but also higher education has a lot of potential.From physics to nuclear physics, there is an opportunity to study radiation therapy at cancer institutes, and to study meteorology, a special paper in mathematics, and get a job as a meteorologist. There are many such examples.

Think about it, where do you want to see yourself? What do you want to do? Think of that. Choose science as a subject but always be hungry to find new things in science. What your job will be depends on how you read it, how you prepare yourself.

For example, Sundar Pichai is working in a company like Google doing engineering in metallurgy. So nothing is impossible. Everything in science is connected to everything in a very beautiful way.

In words –

“Everything is impossible until someone makes it possible.”

But there are many more branches of science like agriculture, fisheries, forest research, psychology. Where there is less competition, there is the advantage of higher education. But most students do not take these issues seriously.

India is a major agricultural country, and agriculture is the only source of livelihood for 135 crore people in our country. Therefore, agriculture is very important in this country. It is possible to work not only in higher education and government jobs but also in organizations like Food Management, Agricultural technology, Food Research and Development.

Fish is a regular food of our country. So naturally the importance of fisheries in this country is infinite. If you study this subject, you will have job opportunities in various government and private sectors like Fisheries Development Officer, Fisheries Management.

Forest science is a very broad subject. Science has not yet recovered much of the environment. So the opportunities here are endless. Needless to say, if you are interested in this subject, you will get a very exciting experience.

On the other hand, psychology is a little different. There are opportunities for so-called research or higher education. In today’s hectic life, many of us cannot take care of our mental health. The main importance of psychology is that after studying the subject, one can choose a profession with different tastes like psychologist, meditator and even one’s personal guide.

So there are many opportunities in science but don’t go for choosing science in the words of father, mother or anyone else. Think about whether you can adapt to this method regularly, keep in mind that all higher education in this branch requires a specific entrance exam clearance. Choose science with all these things in mind. If you don’t understand yourself, do counseling, if you want to do something else, tell your parents well, and don’t say yes, just give some proof that you are good at the thing, otherwise they will reject you. Best wishes.

For parents:

Give the child the freedom to choose a career. Don’t put any pressure. If he has any choice, find out, if the child can’t decide, take him to counseling. Don’t force yourself to read science just because you want to. Remember, your son is more important than reading science


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