Is really Planchette Call Intangible?

Is really Planchette Call Intangible?


We live in a strange world. There is also the death of those who are born here. According to ancient spiritual beliefs, at death, the human body dies but the soul remains. We also hear that even if the soul is not seen, it revolves around us. So people started trying to communicate with this soul. The search continued for different methods. One such exciting method is Planchette.

Planchette is a French word, derived from ‘little plank’. The term refers to a small, wide piece of wood shaped like a heart, which facilitates the automatic writing of the soul. It is known that there is a wooden board called ‘ouija board’. On which all the letters from a to z, all the numbers from 0 to 9, and two more of yes, no are written.
The heart-shaped piece of wood is placed on this board. It has a small hole at one end through which it is able to indicate numbers or letters. Then the participants who are doing the process have to place their hands on the piece of wood and light a candle to call out to the spirit. The hand stays in one place until the end of the process. It is said that when the soul comes, a kind of shiver is felt. Then when Atma is questioned in different ways, Atma removes the piece of wood and answers by different numbers or letters or yes no.

According to participants, their hands became numb in the presence of spirits during the planchet. In the end the soul is requested to go. This is the most commonly used method known as Planchette.

The beginning of this spirituality in America began in 1848 with the supernatural communication of the Fox Sisters. But even then it did not gain popularity. During the winter of 1852 – 1853, supernatural spiritual activity began in Europe. Alan Codec, the French teacher and the ultimate founder of spiritualism, discovered Planchet’s method on June 10, 1853. He has been involved in this research since he was 45 years old, and he was able to call his dead wife Lily that night. At first, this method was called Real Demonic or Satan worshipers.

It was introduced in America in 1857. Robert Dale and his friends visit the HF Garden in Paris to learn about Planchette. A friend of theirs, GW Cottrell, a Boston bookseller, later started an ouija board-making company.

In 18, Planchet published a provocative article by the British publisher ‘Once a Week’
(Planchette). This shocking article was later published in American and European newspapers.

According to a 17-year study, Planchet’s toys are in high demand in both parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Manufacturer Kirby & Co said they sold 200,000 toys in the first season.

Although the exact date of the beginning of Planchette in India is not known, it is known that Rabindranath Tagore, a Nobel laureate member of the Thakurbari, used to do Planchette. He became very sad after the death of his wife Mrinalini Devi. During this time he read Myres’ Human Personality and It’s Survival After Death. It was then that he concentrated his knowledge of communicating with the ghosts of this dark world. Perhaps he lost his wife in old age and resorted to this supernatural method to escape from the loneliness. Rabindranath said that he had learned about the future from his wife in Planchette.

What does science say?

Now comes the question of what scientists think about it. Scientists have repeatedly avoided it as a mere story. It was researched by a group of researchers led by Murray Anderson of the University of Aarhus in Denmark. For this study, they studied 40 experienced regular Planchette participants. Their findings are published in the journal Phenomenology and Cognitive Science. Scientists say that everything is superstition.

They said that according to the participants’ eye tracking device, one of the group’s leaders was thinking of the answer from the beginning, while the rest of the group was moving blindly. He further added that their superstition had such an emotional effect on them that they were never able to see it properly. Scientists have dismissed it as an illusion of the mind, a weak heart, and a supernatural ghost story.

However, no matter how much research is done on this subject, superstitious people will tell the truth. Again, a science-minded person will never accept this as true. So the planchette between science and superstition has remained a mystery. But before 1850, when the rate of education was low, there were doubts as to how these spirits could answer by letters and numbers, or by asking the departed to leave as if they were obedient children. But there is no doubt that this mystery will gradually disappear in the twentieth century.


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