Start Today; An effective career in a blog

Start Today; An effective career in a blog
create blog step by step

The blog is a well-known word from Google’s Blogger. Blogging is a platform where you can reach out to your readers through your own writing. You can become the owner of a lot of money by writing a good blog at home. You can write blogs in any language and become popular.

There are so many bloggers like Huffington Post, TMZ, Business Insider, The Phrasee blog who earn millions of rupees a month.

How to start blogging-

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start blogging:

1. Start writing a blog only after fixing a specific topic –

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Start writing only after you have decided in advance what you will write the content of the blog on, for example, if you want to create a website about music, you have to write a post about music in your blogger. The right content based blog will help Google to recognize your website. If you write more than one type of post (different in the case of news websites) then Google will not understand what your website is based on, which is why your writing or website will not reach the right reader. Which is why your website will lag behind in Google ranking.

2. Choose a language that is fluent for writing a blog –

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Of course, your chosen language means the language in which you are more able to write, choose the language as the language of your blogging. However, the use of Universal Language (English) will increase the number of your readers (Website Traffic).

3. Write the content with your own words –

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Try to write l yourself, writing by yourself will increase your writing experience. writing fluency will also increase. Note that Google does not allow copy-paste. Writing like this is against Google’s policy, even if you write English content in Bengali, you are violating Google’s policy.

4.. Keep up the good content –

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See various articles, research papers, or surveys on desired topics or follow, read the daily news, read books if needed. Remember that the more you practice, the more accurate and innovative the information will be in writing.

5. Try to write in as many words as possible-

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Write with a large number of words, but the writing must be consistent, your readers will be annoyed so do not add unnecessary writing. However, Google prefers articles with more words.

6. Point and write-

Point out the summary of what is in your writing beforehand so that people will be more attracted to writing. Write short articles and add consistent pictures or videos. Everyone now is more attracted to pictures or videos than to writing.

Remember that content is the resource of your blog. The better the content you write, the better response you will get from your readers.

Steps of Blog Creation :

The first search for Blogger on Google, then click on the page at the top and sign in with your Gmail SIGN IN.

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Then set the display name of your choice. You’ve entered Blogger’s home page. Take a look at the top left – Creat Blog, after clicking on it, write a nice and interesting name for your blog and type the web address.

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Keep in mind that many of you have created such blogs before, so your preferred name may not always be available. Please note – “This blog address is available.” If you show the text, then you can create the blog, then select the theme of your choice (Theme) and create (create blog). Diameter, your blog page is created. Now write the post as you wish.

creat 2Bblog 2Bstep 2Bby 2Bstep 2B8

Click on New Post to post. Choose the title of your choice and write the content in the big space in the middle, here you can post your writing with pictures, videos or links related to the content. Then click on the publish option on the top right, your writing will be visible to everyone.

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I hope this article has helped you. If there is any problem, you can let us know in the comment box. Follow our website for more information on blogging


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