Details Of Programme

We are here to talk about a programme for you. Where you can write to us and get paid. The programme is exclusively for bong-tec users. 

We want you guys to write a blog post for our page based on trending topics on science and technology. Every week we will select contents from your submissions and post them on our page. The guy will be paid for this selection.

There are two programs for you guys-

Trending –

Here you have to choose a trending topic on science and technology. You can also write on the other categories like the world,  education, self-improvement. You have to submit it in between Tuesday and Saturday. Our team will select the best one from your submissions and post the writing on our page on Monday. You will be paid after publish.

Keyword-based writing –

Here we will provide you with some specific keywords and topics. You have to write a post based on these keywords or on that topic. Then you can submit your writings with us. Our reviewer will choose the best one from your submissions. We will post that article on our website. In this case, we will pay more than the previous one. Yeah, that’s amazing hun…

I know you have lots of questions right now. So here we go with the rules of Submit Articles

1. Look first of all there are trust issues. Maybe you don’t get comfortable with sharing your amazing content with us. Don’t worry you don’t have to share a full article, you can just share a small summary of your topic. You can mail that to us. If we like it we will contact you back for the full article. 

2.You have provided us a summary of the content between Monday to Friday. Then we will look over your articles. We can contact you on any day from Saturday to Monday. So here is our humble request that pleases keep your content completely written and ready to publish. So that whenever we contact you, you could provide us your content.

3. When we get more than one good content on the same topic then we will select the topic we received first.

4. One individual will be paid for a maximum of two articles in a single week of a month. Two articles are must be from two different programs as stated above. Two articles from the same program will not be allowed.

5.You have to fulfill all our terms and conditions of making a great post. 

6. We will provide you weekly keywords and topics. To know the topics you have to pay a small amount.

7. Every Monday we will open a portal. Where we will provide you special topic and topic related some important keywords. We will close that portal on Friday at 12 pm every week. So you have to submit the summary of your content on or before Friday.

8. We will contact you on and from Saturday to Monday. So have patience. Wait for us to contact you.

Rules Of Writing Articles:

1.   Must write a minimum of 500 words in the English language and choose a catchy headline consisting of keywords.

2. Try to write an article like a conversation. Like you are talking to the reader. Use you and me to build a conversation that a reader could connect.

 3. Don’t use more than five sentences in a paragraph. Break your full article in small paras that will be so much comfortable for the audience.

4. Try to write simple sentences, try not to use more than 25 words in a sentence. But sometimes it’s reliable.

5. You have to submit a catchy video and photo with your content. Your photo and video should be copyright free. Otherwise, your article can get rejected.

6. Write with points, tables ( where possible). That can higher your chance to get selected. 

7. Don’t copy from other content. Sometimes you can collect interviews, statistics, examples from google. But the writings should be completely original.

8. You don’t have to submit overwhelming content. Just give us genuine ones. Always be sure about data before writing things.

9. Don’t forget to write a conclusion, your opinion, etc. Always share your thoughts at the end of the blog. 

10. Invite the audience to comments or ask them questions at the end of your writing. 

Note: Any Scrapped, copy, and spin content are strictly prohibited. Use Of copyrighted images and video are also strictly prohibited.  Any violation of rules, the Bong-Tec team has the right to banned him/her without any payment.