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Why With Us ?

I know there are many popular platforms to write for. So it’s normal that you have this question your mind.  Let me tell you-

  •  Firstly, we are also growing as a blogger now. So here we can make a community like an online family. You can submit writings, share your thoughts. We can suggest to you how could you improve your writings. Our team will reach you individually with telegram or Gmail where you can share thoughts. Let me tell you one thing we will overlook and justify all of your content carefully, but don’t worry if you are not selected. Maybe sometimes we couldn’t be able to publish your valuable content. But we will share our thoughts with you, and also let you know how could you improve. You could also share your thoughts. Isn’t it exciting? It’s an honor to work with you guys. I don’t think you will get that much support in other online platforms. 
  •  Look everybody now is looking for earning money. Everybody wants that right. But what is important first earning easy money or building a skill?. We are also students and we know the reality of students now in India.  They tend to earn 200 to 300 easy money for online transactions. But they never think about building a skill. Guys what about the future. What about 5 years after when 200 to 300 will not be enough. So we are here to offer you a platform where you can write, share thoughts and we can suggest to you how you could do better. This also helps you building skills like a content writer. We can learn together, right?
  • If you become a frequent writer for our website then we will hire you in bong tec official team. Obviously, if you are interested.       
  • We respect your content, we know how much hard work needed to make a good blog post. So you will get credit and support for your writings for sure.  We appreciate your work and support.
  • Lastly, we all know the line- “I don’t want to follow you but I also wanna be ahead of you rather I want you besides as a friend, companion”.So our line is, Don’t write for or under us, just right with us. We are talking about an online family right. There is the same priority for every member of our family. 

Steps To Join

  • Fill Up the form available in the ‘Join Us ‘ section with all required data with your content.
  •  Then you will know the payment amount, terms, and conditions.
  • Boom now starts submitting content. If we like it, we will post your work, give you credit and you will be paid.  

Join with Us

If you have any other questions. Don’t worry. Just mail us at officialbongtec@gmail.com