Payout Details

The payment method will be available in UPI, Gpay & Paytm Wallet.

The amount of money –

1.Treading Programme:

For ‘Trending‘ programme payment may vary between INR, 29-49 rupees.

Bonus: Together we can make this Trending Programme more exciting and fun. Share your published content with your family, friends and your other admirer. Then we will provide you surprise pay off if your post get 50 share.

2. Keyword-Writing Programme:

For ‘Keyword-writing‘ programme payment may vary between INR 59-149.

3.The payment process will be completely transparent. Few amounts of money will be paid after reviewing and selecting the summary of the content given by an individual.

4. After 24 hours of publishing, he/she will get paid the whole amount. We will share the transaction receipt with each individual after payment. 

N.B:  After selection, the Bong Tec team will decide how much should pay for that particular Article.