Paths To Follow to Get Placed in An IT Company

When we are in the early stage of our student life, we don’t realize what is actually going on outside in the real world. Most of the time our parents guide us to take the necessary steps to succeed in life.

But at the end of the day, it is your duty to make your future brighter. We get influenced easily by many sources like our seniors, teachers, or a YouTube video but we make decisions according to our own choice. After the 10th exam, we suddenly realize that we have to choose right any one stream, arts or science. After taking admission to a school, we immediately start our preparation to crack competitive exams like the Joint Entrance Exam, NEET-UG, VITEEE, and lots of other exams.

If we ignore the number of students who take admission in MBBS or BDS or other professional courses other than engineering, there are around 30 lakhs students who take admission in different domains of engineering.

But, why?

The reason is, engineering is the shortest way to find a job with a good salary!

And another reason is there are many numbers recruiters in the engineering field.

With the modernization of technology and science, companies need a more skilled workforce to provide more efficiency to their annual outcome.

There is N number of engineering domains, but the most popular domains are Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Information Technology (IT), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Civil Engineering (CE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Industrial Engineering (IE), etc. There are more hybrid domains in engineering that exist.

The scenario is that the recruiting companies in every domain are not similar in nature, and also, they recruit freshers according to their capacity and criteria. The whole process is very much biased to the rating of a college sometimes.

But, companies, that are based on Information Technology or IT-related work definitely play a big role in the recruitment process of freshers in every academic year. Multinational IT companies like Tata consultancy service, Cognizant Technology solution, Wipro technology limited, IBM, Infosys never judge a fresher by his domain, they judge a student by their knowledge; if it is relevant to their work, they will hire you!

So, what are the steps one should follow to make a path to an IT MNC?

Well, it’s not a very hard job! Only you need a little bit of smart work along with a little bit of hard work.


Focus On University Curriculum:

Every university has a proper curriculum for the entire duration of engineering study. Make sure you follow whatever is taught in that entire curriculum. Some universities have different subjects as they design their own curriculum but it is never different from the standard guideline provided by AICTE (ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION). Why it is important? That’s because every company asks for a cut-off mark during placement for your entire course. It is better to stay above the green line with respect to the average cut-off mark most companies want.

Study IT Related Subjects from The Beginning:

Tcs Buildings Bongtec

IT-related subjects mean the current IT technology that is trending around the world. Anyone can start with basic coding concepts using the C language. Try to solve real-life problems using codes. Then again which coding language you will choose is totally your choice. But, the most important thing is, you have to start learning it from the first day. If anyone from any domain starts learning from the early stage, he will be a pro-coder and problem solver when he is passing out. Data structure and algorithm concepts, DBMS are the basics to start.

Continuously Upgrade Your Skills:

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

Swami vivekananda

This is the root of your success. If you learn C, don’t stop, start learning C++. If you become a master in it move to the next topic. Always remember there are 100 more people like you; they are also trying their level best to beat you and snatch the job. Thus, you will have a bunch of skills in your bucket when you sit for placement in the final year.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect:

IT is a place where you have to be a more critical thinker and a smart problem solver. At the end of the day, the company expects, you will come up with a solution that is different from others and also great in class. So do practice more to achieve mastery. There are many platforms like Hackerrank, Codechef, where anyone can make an account and practice according to their need.


Prepare Yourself for The Interview Round:


An interview is a gateway between you and the company that is hiring. So, performance in the interview is one of the key points in the whole journey to an MNC. Try to build good communication skills. A good speaker always makes a good impression. If there is a shadow of a good personality, you are the perfect combination. Different companies have different approaches to filter out the eligible ones for their offered position. There can be one or more technical interviews where the interviewers ask about IT-related and domain-based questions, group discussions, and one or more HR interviews, where they check your personality and communication skills. Don’t be shy, try to bring more confidence in yourself and practice, that’s how soft skills are gained.

Stay Updated:

When you are in your final year, try to be more active in your official college groups, job-seeking platforms like LinkedIn,, telegram. The recruiters post job requirements on regular basis on their portal, and the advertisements are enlisted on these websites. Do not miss a single chance to sit for a placement drive. Stay connected to your seniors, ask them about their placements you will get an overview of the total process.


There are some aptitude tests conducted by many IT companies. A good practice of maths and reasoning is enough to crack those tests.

Finally, you are your own best friend. So why miss a chance to prove yourself. Just jump into the stream, do some smart work and enjoy.

Do you know the best part of an IT company is?

You grow day by day, also your salary follows you. 😊


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