What is a Mindset :

When we were young, we were all taught about the visuals of success and failures.

We were taught that life’s journey has just two faces- Success and Failure.

Nothing other than this exists, or can even exist.

But these were mere perspectives of some other, rather stereotypical and sometimes stubborn mentalities.

As life has progressed, we all have seen – Life’s not just about success and failure, it’s way more than that.

Some of us realize , some don’t.

Also, there are some who have found this definition quite fitting in reality, and they name it “The Broader picture” .

But as mentioned earlier, some dive into the broader picture and see the vibrance of events, happenings, possibilities.

What differentiates the groups ? Their MINDSET

Why do people differ ?

It’s evident to almost all, that type of mind is directly proportional to the number of minds in focus.

But, every-time a curious mind questions, “Why does the difference lie?”

Well, there can be several factors.

The way people grow, the way they are nurtured, and the environment they are thriving in – all these are significant role players in building a person’s mindset.

Biologically, genetic factors are also important in this aspect.

Some experts say that only one of the above factors are responsible.

Some say, both are responsible but independent of one another.

But a deeper research states, both are responsible and dependent on one another.

The way genes function, or plan to build the human, is largely accompanied by the surroundings in which it is growing.

Alfred Binet, the inventor of IQ test, invented the test, to actually introspect contemporary high school students of Paris.

His objective was to note if the prevalent education system was benefiting them anyway or not.

It was a step to look out to upgrade the education system back then.

What does the Two Mindset imply?

Fixed Mindset

As we talked earlier, let’s elaborate the two kinds of mindset.

The first one, Believing that we all are born with some stone carved destiny of life.

What’s achievable, is foreseen.

By whom? That’s not the question for the time being.

But people with this mindset, have just one view life- Is it Success, or a Failure.


Growth Mindset

The second one, Believing that any point of life, any event we are dealing with presently, is an opportunity for a bigger tomorrow.

People with this mindset, don’t necessarily believe that the entire Earth population is capable of becoming an Einstein or Elon Musk.

But they believe, with self belief, hardwork, passion, right knowledge and an Open mind, they can achieve anything.



People with the first mindset, have it put in and nurtured in their minds from the raw age.

They learn to see life as a game- where it’s either accomplished or it’s over.

Unlike Binet, today’s intellects state IQ to be a degree of student intelligence and mental well being, sometimes.

But the problem is, such people carry the burden of proving themselves again and again.

With the ever changing world, it’s naturally tough to bear the torch saying that a fixed amount of intelligence, personality and morale, anything can be achieved.

On the contrary, the second class of people, quite naturally, don’t have the burden to prove.

Such people generally, love to fail.

Because, for them, failure is something that challenges them initially, but afterwards, provides an opportunity to upgrade them with stronger defence and armoury.

Such class people are always considered slow or ordinary.

This included Darwin, Tolstoy and Ben Hogan too.

What’s the real point

We had heard a lot of sayings in our school days like “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or “Nothing ventured Nothing gained”.

A thorough research of people’s mindset would reveal that the only Growth minded people would agree to these, in speech, thought and action.

On the contrary, the Fixed minded people would anytime disagree.

Their versions of the sayings are “If Rome wasn’t built in a day, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”

and “Nothing ventured, nothing lost.”

The main point of this talk, is that all this comes when they are made to visualise about risks and efforts.

A person who’s taught about risks and efforts focusing on perseverance, determination, hardwork and continuous development, they will automatically start to look at challenges eye to eye.

They won’t fear it, rather would be on their toes to except it.

On the other hand, when people are put in fixed mindset, they will always try to get away from challenges.

They will always look for conventional ways to thrive.

For them, any new opportunity will always be a scam.

Self Insight

People with fixed mindset are incapable of assessing their capabilities properly.

They have the inbuilt potential, provided by nature. But they are unable to see that.

This is because, for them it’s all about good or bad outcome prediction that enters their thought process.

Thinking, us bound to lose focus.

On the other hand, the people with growth mindset are significantly accurate about their capabilities.

When someone is unfiltered about his/ her own abilities and is always ready to learn, accept flaws and mend it, he/she can accurately judge their inner capabilities.


There are books The Ten Secrets of the World’s Most Successful People that are prescribed by many, when they are asked about a successful mindset.

But, sometimes things get monotonous.

As reading just the outcomes at different journey levels can inspire, but it stays for sometime only.

Successful people, always carry their own secret ingredients.

Rather one can start reading about the two mindsets in a educational way.

They can learn what comprises of each mindset.

They can notice, how a carved-on-stone mindset gives birth to a specific group of actions and thoughts.

Also, how a continually nurtured mindset sends an entirely different thought process and take on a whole new path.

There can be articles, reading which one can scream “Ah!! This is me!!” .

It is something, the learned calls “Experience!!”.

That’s what should never exhaust from the perusal column of mind, in order to grow, thrive, nurture and be SUCCESSFUL.


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