IQ: Using these steps boost your IQ Scientifically!

 What is IQ?

IQ stands for “Intelligent Quotient”. In a word, a measure of our intelligence. The meaning of intelligence is also complex, but frankly, IQ is a measure of efficiency.

What kind of skill is that?

IQ is not only the ability to acquire knowledge but also the ability to use that knowledge to solve problems with a well-defined goal and structure.

But it is only a measure of efficiency. That is to say, it does not have to be measured in terms of success in exams or in practice. Because a lot more depends on that case.

A real example is that there are many people in the world whose IQ is higher than that of Albert Einstein, but Tenara is not as successful in the workplace as Einstein.

Increase Iq Scientifically

His reason is also very simple. Success doesn’t just depend on talent or intelligence. Much depends on hard work and the second one 90 percent applies to success.

There is nothing in the world that you can achieve only with talent. Of course, you have to work hard. You need to constantly improve yourself. You need to get out of your comfort zone. That, of course, must be reasonable.


what is the average value of this IQ !!

iQ has an average value by which we understand that ability. The average value usually fluctuates between 80 and 130. 95% of the world’s people have IQ in this range. More analytically, 90 percent of IQs range from 85 to 115. The number of people with a score below 80 and those with a score above 130 is very low.

How do you know your IQ?

These scores are measured in a variety of ways. The most popular method of the nineteenth century was-

((Mental age / physical age) × 100).

But times have changed and now this IQ is done in many professional ways.

Now many tests are done on the basis of complex thematic questions or logical reasoning. In the case of senior officers, the IQ test is also done by testing mental toughness in different situations and making appropriate decisions.
This is also done in many sophisticated and accurate ways in departments like cybersecurity.

The question may be, is this test very important?

Yes, we have said that there are very few similarities between this score and real success. So you may think that it is not necessary to do this test. But yes this test is also important.

First of all, let us know that with this method we can take groundbreaking steps in the education system of our country. As five fingers of the hand are not equal, 50 students of the same class are not one. Similarly, if a boy with an 80 IQ score and 120 IQ score reads in the same way, the success of the two of them will never come together, one will succeed.

So after measuring the skills of the two, it will be more convenient to understand how it will be easier for them to assimilate. So if we can provide education to such students separately, the future of our country will be bright.

Second, the country’s IAS or security departments need some talent as well as personal skills, so it is really a good idea to test the IQ in this way to select the right person. Because of not only biblical knowledge or degree but also the ability to handle various stagnations or to make the right decision in any creative work. So it is important to do this test.

Since it is a matter of intelligence, the question is, is it possible to increase IQ in any way?

Seen in that way, it is possible to increase. This increase is a lot like sharpening a weapon. And the only way to increase it is by regular exercise. In fact, our IQ is less good but due to busy daily life, multi-tasking we can’t give ourselves 100 percent due to lack of attention. Better yet, we can’t use our intellect 100 percent.

But daily body exercises will be fruitful in this case. As a result of regular exercise, our body is more active than usual and so is our mind. Our body is normally active and always picks out the necessary nutrients from what we eat and expels the waste products from the body. But for this process to happen constantly, the flow of oxygen in the body needs to be very healthy.

The amount of oxygen in our blood increases when we exercise regularly. 5 minutes of lack of oxygen to the brain and similarly functioning brain can cause permanent damage to the brain. Exercise also increases the amount of oxygen in the brain, which helps make BDNF proteins. This protein can keep our brain active which in turn increases our efficiency in terms of attention, attention, logical reasoning, and real visual comprehension.

Another great example is prehistoric man, since then the only reason for the development of human intelligence is physical exercise. At that time people could not read or write but people were physically very active, walking 10 kilometers or more a day in search of food, then the neocortex region of our head develops which plays a major role in the development of our intelligence.

Not only that, but scientists have also studied a group of people who exercise and a group of people who are lazy and relatively fat. There it is found that the IQ of the group exercising regularly is much higher. At the same time, when the lazy group started exercising regularly, their IQ tests improved. Not only this, those who have started five days of exercise are also experiencing an increase in their mobility. Studies have also shown that people who exercise regularly are less likely to lose consciousness in old age.

Now the question is how many hours of exercise a day to develop intelligence?

Generally, exercising 30 minutes three to five days a week or 15 minutes every day is enough to increase the oxygen flow in our body. In a word, one and a half hours of physical exercise a week should be added to our lives.

Generally, aerobic exercise will be the most effective. Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise that causes our heart rate to fluctuate between 105 and 140, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc.

In the last word, IQ is mostly the identity of skill or talent. In order to be successful in reality, hard work is more important. In most parts of the world, hard work before talent is the real reward, except for work like the world’s leading athlete or Hollywood actors. However, the IQ test is a suitable idea for the cooperation of relatively weak students in the field of education.

And exercise regularly to keep your baby and your mind and body active


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