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In the first stage of new bloggers, the amount of view in the article is very low. So there is the problem of not ranking the article. There are many ways a new blogger can increase his website visitors.

But Google Site is a platform through which a large number of viewers will come to the website for free. As a result, your website will rank faster and your desired revenue will come from your blog.

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Problems Of  New bloggers :

Nowadays, we go to Google with our daily details, questions, shopping, any doubt of the syllabus. The craftsmen who meet our demand through Google are known as bloggers in the professional world. Blogging is a great platform to get all the information thoroughly to the public. The new generation of students and young people are choosing blogging as a part-time career.

But blogging is much more difficult than starting in reality. Encouraged, we wrote the first 20-30 blog posts. At first 50-60 organic views come and then the views gradually decrease and then the frustration of being rejected in monetization starts again and again.

This time we learn SEO, digital marketing, HTML coding, nothing left to learn. But there is no improvement in the blog page. We hear different things, some say writing should be their own, even if the subject is not unique, some say both should be unique.

But the fact is that Google has no clear term condition (Google T&C). There are mistakes in the beginning.

For example, every smartphone company has its own official website, but there are thousands of other websites that have the same data written differently, and those pages have been approved by Google Ad-sense. So don’t listen to these rumors that the content or topic has to be unique.

The fact of the matter is that you have to write a blog with the goal that it is useful to people. In order for people to benefit from your blog, you can gather some trusted viewers. When your page becomes popular, Google will quickly identify your page.

While 90 percent of a blog’s growth depends on content, it’s important to keep track of the remaining 10 percent. This ten percent includes social media and other ways to promote the page. Social media is a widely practiced method. A less practiced but effective method than we will tell you today.

How to use GOOGLE SITE?

Many may be aware of the matter. But we say. Google Site Blogging is a pre-emergent blogging platform. Completely Google’s own platform. Here and in the same way everyone used to post blogs and there was also monetization. But after launching Google Blogspot, Google stopped monetizing the site. As a result, all bloggers move to Blogspot.


Gradually the number of bloggers in the blog post increases and the problem of add monetization gradually increases. But GOOGLE SITE runs on Google’s famous machine learning method so there is fast traffic and fast ranking and there is only one problem, you can’t apply for AdSense.

So in this way we will use the method of bringing fast traffic of Google site and monetization of Blogspot together. It allows you to bring in blog views, sell your business products, and even promote affiliate marketing.

First you have to create a page on Google site like Blogspot. Create your page using your favorite fonts, template images. Name the page according to the name of your blogspot.

Then copy the headline of your blog post. Once the page is created on the Google site, click on New Post and paste the previously copied headline in the headline there. Here are some interesting pictures related to the day post with description.

If possible, write down a few words. Then leave the READ MORE option with the link to your original blog post. When someone reads your post on Google site, they will be redirected to your original blog post. This will increase the view of your blog page.

This way you can take advantage of the combination of fast traffic and monetization of Blogspot in GOOGLE SITE. In case of product or affiliate marketing, give a link with a couple of attractive words with the picture of the product. This way you can bring organic view of Google.

In the end, blogging is a slow process that requires patience. You have to give 100 percent in your writing. All the details have to be emphasized. And if you write in the interest of the people, you will get quick results.

So start a blog today and share your unique writing with people.



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