Legacy of time behalf of corona : Tears of mother nature


Time is omnipotent, at least Corona and Netflix’s Dark says so. No matter how many people think that science and technology will rule the world with tools. The time has been ruling the world since the beginning of time. The call of religion says that it moves in the wind but the real thing is that the wind is the rule of time. An event that must change the direction of the wind over time. In fact, time is the biggest example of betrayal.

In nature, this rule has been in force for many ages. That’s the rule people try to assimilate year after year. Whether people know the rules or not, there will be no stagnation in the activities of the universe.

At one time nature was calm, serene. People absorbed all the peace. Destroyed the forest, cut down the trees, usurped the innocent animals. We did everything regardless of the time. The fact is that if there is a Corona Crisis today, then there is a crisis named mankind for the world from the very beginning.

time and corona

The world has repeatedly given signs that it is angry at this atrocity, which has gradually turned from heavy rains to extreme thunderstorms. The earthquake was stronger on the Richter scale and turned into a devastating tsunami. The weather is changing sporadically. And we didn’t even see it.

Hundreds of times the policy of discarding plastics could not be brought down from the decision book to the road of reality. The water of the river which we use for worship, where we come to bathe and feel pure, does not bind us so much to throw garbage in the river. No matter how much we keep polite dustbins at home, our civilization has turned the world into a dustbin.

In the spread of civilization with science, we have shown the strategy of the hand, from there came fear, from fear came the greed for power, from greed came the new form as the curse of science.

People who have taken over the world in the course of time have never noticed when they have started taking over. No matter how thoughtful people are, they will ride on the time machine and play with time, but time has let us down without using any force. Laboratories have been created for the benefit of human beings to discover the antidote to pathogens or for the purpose of observing various natural plants or animals.

But over time, people have become violent. In the name of new research, he has strangled the helpless animal in the lab. Not stuck with AK-47s, grenades, bullets, or atomic bombs, people have started planning to make biological weapons. And such a biological weapon is spreading panic today, perhaps the greatest epidemic of the twenty-first century. So in time, the laboratory of blessing became the arsenal of curses.

Time is like a connecting bridge between a series of events. People have had to change over time. But the world has proceeded in the same manner. Yes, humans have had to adapt to become the most intelligent species.

Don’t do that and it will change people’s lives. Today, in the grip of time, reckless people are completely under house arrest. During the period that man has disrupted the rules of the world, he wanted to run the world according to his own rules.

But in the reign of time, when the world did not move in any way, the virus created by us spread towards us. Don’t give time, who gave peace to the world as a tool. No matter how much we talk about, the world will be destroyed in 2020, in fact, human civilization will be destroyed.

Corona History:

Yes, humans can blame animals for all of this. Corona is a zoonotic disease that has spread from animals to humans.


In fact, the origin of the corona has been obscured from the very beginning. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


Even if the disease is from animals, the timing is the same. We have been killing animals since ancient times, first for the needs of the stomach, but today we are also doing it for entertainment. We do not hesitate to kill helpless animals for the little combs, jewelry, or furniture we need.

Excessive animal slaughter is upsetting the balance of nature, which has indirect and direct effects. The direct effect must be an increase in global warming, the extinction of extra animals reduces the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which helps to save the earth from high wavelength rays so animal slaughter will cause the global temperature to rise further as greenhouse gases decrease. The indirect effect is that it will increase the mosquito infestation, which is certainly dangerous enough for the human race. In addition, our use of the Internet, unbridled transportation, the destruction of forests, the spread of civilization, the dumping of waste into the sea, we have unknowingly killed billions of animals, are, and will be. Even if we don’t keep count, the time has.

Like Harvard University in this regard-

‘About 30,000 species per year, i.e. about 3 species per hour are becoming extinct. ‘

The man who thought he would rule a new planet in the twenty-first century, travel time, find a parallel universe, get lost in Quantum Realm has been under house arrest for more than half a year. They had to go back to the blessing lab. All the vaccines that have been given to the helpless animals so far have to be tested on themselves today.

Corona will change the situation all normal life. Maybe in the next few years, we will have to work from home. Maybe we have to hide our violent identity behind the mask. Maybe the earth’s suffocating factories will close. Then maybe people will realize. Maybe then the blood game of science will be postponed and the green game will be played. Need trees, build forests. Maybe then humanity will return. The world will again lay its loving hand on our heads. In the realm of time, people may then understand the importance of life.


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