Don’t be thirsty for motivation, build a mansion of willpower



We need inspiration at different times in our life. But just how much motivation is needed? When I think about all this, I think that everything is going in the opposite direction in the world, in a better way, human civilization is moving in the opposite direction. Now,  it may seem to you as another aspect of motivation speech or you can name it as a ‘bong motivation’. But trust me, we won’t give you a single chance to think about all the words have stated in this whole article as a motivational talk or ‘bong motivation’. So let’s begin-

At the beginning of creation, people only hunted for their hunger all day long, then they began to learn new things. Gradually language, art, history, geography, and science entered people’s lives. Gradually human civilization became more widely spread. So everything was going well, but when was the need for motivation, when or why? Today we are discussing a little different taste.

Humans are the most intelligent species on earth. The curiosity of people is eternal. So homo sapiens never learned to stop. Civilization has developed science and technology as a tool, as a result of which people know many unknowns but greed for power has led people to some dangerous direction.

So with the passage of time, people have been busy with their own way of life. They will never be able to understand when they have moved away from life in the preoccupation of making life beautiful. Otherwise, the words stress, fatigue, exhaustion are not supposed to originate today.


Many people seem to have problems with their current workplace and life. You can’t balance the two. This problem is more common in middle-aged people. And in the case of young people, this breakdown is due to heartbreak, broken relationship. Stress is a very harmful sound even though it is small to hear. First of all, there is no proper medical treatment that you play and get better. Then for many, it is not clear what is stress and what is normal mental state. Many declare themselves depressed before anything happens.

Honestly, it is not difficult for us to get any solution. We search on Google or YouTube. .To avoid stress, we make a routine of daily meditation, exercise time table, fix my eating habits, try to keep myself as busy as possible by creating new routines to change my habits. In fact, after a month or so, we fail.

At such times, many people start watching motivational videos or podcasts to bring a positive feeling. And gradually they became attracted to watching that video. This problem is very much in the case of today’s teenagers and even in the case of the youth community.

Everyone is watching a lot of motivational videos and podcasts. There are many types of motivational channels in the market and there is no shortage of content every day. The benefit of the channels is that those of us who are watching can do some good for themselves.

Listen to the words, I am not talking about banning motivational videos. In fact, I am saying that you should think about whether it is important for you to watch videos. What is the real benefit, or just to feel good?

The question may be why all of a sudden we are saying this?

Now the type of business has changed. The business has been to exploit people’s emotions as much as possible. The way of life should be to control the emotions as much as possible. Suppose you’re upset, you see a video that says –


Is it a solution to your problem? – No. But you only wanted to hear something like this, so you liked the video and you will come back the next day to watch the video even if it looks bad. And it will continue like this.

Let’s Give some examples-

Listen to a video –

“Everything happens for a reason. In the end, everything will be fine. “

Listen to another video the other day –

“There are some things in our life, for which we will have regrets in our life”

If all goes well then why we have to regret it. So do you understand if there is a solution? No. We don’t understand that every word is spoken from a certain position, so if we accept it as God’s word, then there will be a problem.

There are several other reasons-

Motivational videos are often like drugs. Of course, your eyes will get bigger. Read this and be patient. I mean the biggest legal drug in the history of the world is Facebook. Dopamine secretion is reduced when people are stressed. In that case, Facebook’s list of likes, reactions, comments, and 5,000 friends increases the amount of dopamine secretion for a while, just as the drug works. You will feel sad again when you move away from the thing. You like to listen to such positive words in motivational videos, or from the videos of the success of big people. At first, everything is fine, but over time, if you feel a little low in life, the number of viewing increases.

মোটিভেশন(Motivation) আসুক নিজ থেকে , ভিডিও দেখে নয়

In fact, after watching those success videos, you often start daydreaming about your goals. Which has a bad effect? We lose the initiative. In reality, when we start doing it, it becomes difficult to work. We become more and more depressed. We forget that zero was not discovered in one day and the Taj Mahal was not built in one day. In this case, I am not blaming the motivational video, the problem is within us.

When we hear in the video the success story of a man after 50 years of hard work in 5 minutes, many think we can make it too. But the willpower of hard work for those 50 years is in very few people. So from all the work, we feel more annoyed again to watch the next video of the playlist of that channel. As a result, we find ourselves stuck in such a circle. In the video, we see we have to get out of the comfort zone but indirectly we are stuck in that video.

So far I have only talked about the problem. It is important to note that there is no animosity with our motivational video. They are not spreading any bad or negative thoughts. They are right in their place. But they are making a living by making this video, opening new start-ups, what you are doing, what you are really doing. Are you putting your time in the right place?

What to do –

I have talked about many problems. Now let’s see how we can get out of these little things and show ourselves the right direction.

1. You have to understand that the wall between habit and addiction is very small. As long as it has a good effect on you, it is a habit and otherwise, it is an addiction. So choose the video you need. Choose a video that will show you the way to solve your problem or get new information without just listening to the motivational line.

2. Watch the video according to your problem. If you want to improve your mood to get rid of various problems in your workplace, stop watching videos of love problems. Choose videos with productivity to be successful in the workplace, watch life lessons for love problems.

3. Watch the video to find out, not to feel good. There are comedy videos, songs, and other entertaining videos for that.

4. Another way is to focus on the blog rather than the video. The video is very comfortable, just relax once you click on the video. You have to keep your eyes and fingers moving and pay attention while reading the blog in that place. Reading a blog is no entertainment at all, so there is no possibility of spending hours after hours. It’s like reading a book and watching a movie. I only get entertainment by watching the same thing in movies but if I read books I might learn a lot from the same thing.

In the end, relaxation is not a way to get rid of fatigue. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Give a new direction to a new wish or your dream, you will come out of this exhaustion only when you have a strong desire for that dream. In fact, this is a fight with yourself. And every time we listen to a motivational video or a motivational line, we are hindering the development of our willpower. The human body and the brain can be compared to programming. So this is a programming that is designed to give positive output.

The fact is that we have all the motivation, happiness, success in ourselves. We have to break through a cover and bring them out. If you have the mentality to fight the war without fear, the chances of winning the war will be strong. Today has been worse with you than ever before! This time is inspired by the good aspects. Drive your emotions towards a specific goal. So don’t be dependent on any motivational video, speech, or even on ‘bong motivation’. Hope you win the battle of life.


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