China Ban: Apps much better and reliable than china apps

Lots of things have been happening this year. We don’t know what is waiting for us. Most of the things that already happened are like a nightmare. But one thing happened to India which we still don’t know good or bad. The thing is the China ban. We already share our thoughts with you about that. But we all know the path is not easy. We lost lots of useful apps. Indian developers are working hard to come up with alternative apps. It’s an early day, but we already have lots of good similar apps. Many of the users are getting overwhelmed to choose the right ones. If you are still confused, don’t worry, after this article, you will get the right apps for your interest.

China Ban

Here we start with….

1. UC Browser –

That’s a damn popular app from china. It was smooth, easy to use and it always provides great download speed. You know what, sometimes we get so obsessed with something, we don’t notice bad sides.

The browser is kind of like malware. It collects lots of data from users. It always wants some unnecessary permission. Let me tell you one thing on the internet our first priority should be privacy. This app is a complete violation of that policy.

Don’t worry we get google chrome with extraordinary privacy features. If you still worried about download, the Opera browser is for you. The opera browser has tons of useful features too. Use it u will like it.

2 . Share It, Xender –

Those were also two amazing china apps. We shared lots of favorite movies, videos, and other big files with friends using those apps. But all the Chinese apps have an addiction to stealing data. They are no exception.

But we got a very good alternative called google Files. It is a native google app. So you don’t have to worry about privacy. With minimal design and light user interface it is an amazing app everyone should try.

3 . Cam Scanner –

Quite popular among students. This app is made by Huawei. This don’t have any history of stealing data, but it is blocked now so we need to find similar one.

There is Adobe Scan. That is not a new app, it is a well build an app and we all know about adobe. They are a trustworthy software company. We get another super application of the same work.

4 . Tiktok –

We don’t have to say lots of things about TikTok. It was the most popular app-based in China. But the Indian government burns down its legacy. Lots of people got heartbroken.

China apps and their alternative

Don’t worry an Indian developer already developed an app like TikTok. The app is SnackDown. It has all the features like TikTok, the app is in the early days so if you are a video creator you should use it. The post reach here is awesome.

5 . Helo –

Helo was full of Facebook status, image, video, and a lot of funny things. It was also popular as china entertainment. But this app is malware. Lots of software engineers said the same thing. It is now deleted from the play store.

There is an application named ShareChat. This app is quite similar to Helo. It have also a funny user interface. It also provides content for entertainment.

6 . Shein, Club Factory, ROMWE –

Shein, club factory, and romwe were famous for shopping apps for fashion. If you used it, you know that they are not trustworthy. Most of the time the product we received didn’t match with the picture the app was showing. Those were completely fraud app.

We always had the best alternatives to those apps. We have myntra. Myntra is the most popular fashion shopping app. Myntra always provides good quality products. You can also try Ajio, Amazon, and Flipkart.

7 . Parallel Space –

Parallel Space was also one of the most used apps. Young tech geeks use it for lots of tricks. It also steals important data from users. It is not safe for our privacy.

We already have a great option, App Cloner. This is an app we can use for the same purpose as parallel space. App cloner has a lighter user interface compare to parallel space. As we know it doesn’t steal data.

8 . Zoom –

This app was the biggest thief of data. Thank god it got banned.
We have alternatives like google meet and skype. Both apps are good and trustworthy. Both the apps are google certified and have good user ratings.

9 . Viva Video –

This was quite popular among video creators. The app has lots of amazing features to make an eye-catching video. It is also banned.

We always have lots of options in the video editing department. My suggestion is Kinemaster and Inshorts. But there are tons of other options like Filmora go, Power Director, etc.

10 . Mi Video Call –

For video calling, that app was not the best, but it was used by lots of user.
We have alternative like google duo, which is a special app for this purpose. We all have WhatsApp. That the one we use most of the time. So not a problem in this department.

These were some useful apps, so we provided the right alternatives for them. They are all trustworthy apps. So you don’t have to worry about privacy. This is still the early days, Indian developers are trying hard, jio is making lots of investment. We can hope we will get lots of apps in the future. As of now, these are the best choices we provide you. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know.


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