Artificial Sun: A new discovery in Science.

Artificial Sun, a miracle of science

Artificial Sun, Yeah I know the headline is quite misleading. But that’s why we came to talk about it. We human beings wanna produce ‘Sun On Earth ‘.No actually not exactly that type of case. Sun can contain 10 million Earth. So, we can’t produce the sun on earth. But we can produce sunlight and heat. I know it is not possible for life long but we can produce it for at least some seconds. Sounds awesome, right?

Yeah, it will be a great deal.

But how it can be possible?

Let’s find out.

All the methods used on earth to produce heat are not healthy. All these are a threat to species on the planet. All power plants, nuclear research centers, and other sources all are not safe. We got toxic and dangerous materials from them which is very deadly for us. There is a huge difference between heat-producing on earth and the sun. On earth, most of the reactions are nuclear fission. Where in the sun reactions are nuclear fusions. In nuclear fission, a heavy nucleus like uranium broke into two or more light nucleus and produce heat. Not only just light nucleus there are toxic rays says radioactive particle also. In one word nuclear fission is fatal on earth.


But in the case of nuclear fusion, two or more light particles combined and elicit two or more particles and energy. It happens with Deuterium and Tritium like isotopes and releases Helium (He). Helium is not harmful to nature. It also produces a big amount of heat.


Nuclear Fusion

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Now the question is why can’t use nuclear fusion?

The answer is actually we can’t make it happen on earth so early. Nuclear fusion needs a big amount of temperature to happen on earth. On earth, the same charged particle repel each other. In nuclear fusion, the particles are the same charged. So, it needs a tremendous amount of temperature to make it happen. The temperature of the earth’s surface is very less than that. So it can’t happen on earth or it is extraordinarily tough.

Success of Nuclear Physics On it!

But thanks to the development of nuclear Physics, Scientists find a way. They made a machine called the TOKAMAK. Where nuclear fusion can happen a few times. Though, it is risky as it needs as much temperature as in the sun’s core. There is no metal in the earth that can tolerate this amount of heat. So scientists put a plasma inside there. It can tolerate the heat for a few seconds. Inside of TOKAMAK, it can produce a high energy magnetic field and temperature. That can make it happen.



Recent Successful activity.

From recent news china tested it. They have produced the Artificial sun for 10 seconds. Yes, they made an advanced TOKMAK named EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting TOKMAK). Plasma using inside it is very advanced. It can hold the 100M degree temperature for up to ten seconds. Till now it is a great success.

Experimental advanced superconducting tokamak(EAST):

The experimental advanced superconducting tokamak is one type of tokamak that use magnetic effect for nuclear fusion reactor. Hefei Institute of Physical Science is conducting research on it for the Chinese Science Academy. The only thing on earth, that can sustain 100 million •c for 5 seconds. This model uses an advanced quality plasma to hold in this tremendous temperature. This thing is also very budget-friendly compared to other country’s Tokamak. It is in Hefei, China since 2006

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Why we really need this type of technology?

We will never be out of sunlight. It is unlimited. But the energy sources on earth is limited. So, scientists are searching for new power sources. There are solar, wind, and water from which we can produce energy. But in terms of highly progressive mankind, the energy sources are not that powerful. Talking about powerful, we have fission reaction. But that is fearing for nature and unhealthy for us. Using fission also opens door to frightening explosions like Fukushima and Lebanon. So, nuclear fusion is the only savior for us. If we could do it, then we can get every solution for our power demand and the scientists are saying it will not that be costly.

As of now we only get 10 seconds of an artificial sun. As I said earlier we don’t need sunlight, we need this artificial sun for using the fusion reaction. That’s it.


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