Solar panels: the future we should consider now

As the corona starts spreading government announced a lockdown. The busy schedule, commerce, travel everything get the same direction of ‘ stay home/stay safe’.

But this whole lockdown is not a good thing for the country or lifestyle. But it is absolutely an amazing step if you think about nature. But if you think about daily workers, lower-middle-class people, you will definitely know this is a slow-burning process.

But for nature obviously it’s a great relief. All around the earth people start seeing a clearer sky. We are getting the chance to breathe fresh air in the century of global warming, that’s a big deal…right?

This pollution-free nature is the effects of lockdown. All the factories or vehicles are closed now. Still, there is a thing that is a threat to the atmosphere. That is our demand for power, we are burning fossil fuel to satisfy our demand for electricity. This thing only can be stopped if we start using solar panels.

But does this lockdown affect the solar panel system?

Yeah, today we will talk about that. Here we go.

Solar panels: the future we should consider now

Using solar panels for power demand always a wise choice. That’s not like a trick, that’s kind of a step which will profit you in the long term. But this clearer sky, pollution-free environment gives some amazing results for it.

A group of researchers is studying the atmosphere of Delhi. Obviously, they are not planning any kind of solar panel research in Delhi. But they found a data of 8% power increase in power output due to clearer sky installations in Delhi.

Then they start collecting data in person. Also, they collect data from the Indian embassy. They demonstrate and quantify the effect of air pollution on solar panels output. This research can help to produce more advanced solar panels throughout the world.
The thing is the research is completely unplanned.

Solar panels: the future we should consider now

The research also can’t be possible without the corona situation.

The research is published in the journal Joule, A paper by MIT professor of mechanical engineering Tonio Buonassisi, research scientist Ian Marius Peters and three others in Singapore and Germany.

The study was started after the scientists saw the unusual weather pattern of Delhi, one of the foggiest cities. One of them researched the solar panels in the past. This draws their attention towards this sudden research.

These conclusions, lead them to research the air pollution effect of the solar panels.

When the lockdown started on March 24, according to their data, pollution is 50% less than usual. Not only that output of the solar panels is increased by 8.3% in March and 5.9% in April.

Look that maybe not so huge, but that’s actually great. Let me explain-

Suppose, a solar panel company used to keep 2% profit for its 100% output. Now their output rises to 108%, so their profit will go higher to 10%. This type of profit is huge right. That’s literally a great thing for those businessmen.

Not only that, but we also talked about it earlier. We need to choose, solar panel for our permanent power solution. This is the future we shouldn’t ignore. We all know fossil fuel is running out.

Fossil fuel is also a threat to the atmosphere. It can continuously pollute the nature with the supply of power.

Solar panels: the future we should consider now

So this research is kind of giving us a way of controlling pollution. It is kind of having a switch for on or off-air pollution. Choosing a solar panel over fossil fuel is not only saves your money but also helps people all around the world. Not only we are getting self-dependent about power, but also we can help nature in the long term. That’s our duty. Nature was always there when we needed, now we need to help nature with this wise choice.

So let’s think about the step. Make the difference, the world badly needed. Be the creator of a fresh and clean environment. If you wanna buy one check our previous post here.

What do you think about this step? Let us know in the comment section. Thank you.

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  1. It seems interesting why don’t you post something about quantum computing I have heard a lot about it in these days

  2. lt wil open up a new horizons to the society ..powerful alternative source of energy..a good idea may be to the business to work on it

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