Pubg BAN: Dummy warlords in Pain!

Pubg Ban:

‘Winner, winner chicken dinner’ that’s not just a line but the sound of victory of every pubg player. Pubg was ruling the gaming industry for quite a long time with respect to this era of the internet. It was the most popular game among young gamers. But the Indian Government has just banned it today in India. Obviously that’s quite like heartbreak for young Indians. But is it good or bad? Let’s get into the thing.

Origin –

PUBG; full form player’s unknown battleground. An online multiplayer game with amazing graphics. The game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean online gaming company. The game was inspired by a Japanese film Battle Royale. First, the game was released in December 2017 by Microsoft. An android version was released in September 2018. Brendan Greene is the Head designer of the game. He is also the CEO of this multiplayer game. It is a huge hit, gets a huge 600M download in the play store.

Pubg BAN: Dummy warlords in Pain!

How does it relate to China?

Everybody knows that this banning is a part of the china ban. So as a South Korean company what is the relation with China. The desktop version was released by Microsoft and XBOX. But who do you think released the mobile version? The online gaming company Tencent Games. Tencent Games is a Chinese online gaming publisher and developer company. Yeah, that makes PUBG mobile a Chinese gaming app.

Pubg BAN: Dummy warlords in Pain!

Why Indian Govt. has banned the game?

Normally you can answer it in just seconds. The answer is it is the recent bad movements between India and China.
But actually that’s not the whole scene. The Indian government didn’t just ban the apps earlier to disconnect from china.
It’s a move our government has taken so wisely. They didn’t just decide it in one day. They had prepared a team consisting of cybersecurity officers, hackers, web developers, and other tech geeks.

All of them were analyzing the apps for quite a long time. Their report says the same thing about literally all of the Chinese apps.

Obviously you will question what is in the report?

Pubg Ban bogtec

The report is about stealing data from users. Maybe that sounds not so fatal. But trust me it is dangerous.

Let me explain, common people like us never care about permissions, an app asking. We never thought twice before allow them. But most of the time the apps demand permission, which are not necessary for them to operate. But as I said, we never questioned them, we just give them permission.

Indian Government just has done spying over those apps. What they are doing with those permissions or are they stealing data?
The cybersecurity team found those doubt blocks. Most of the apps were stealing important private data of users. Do you know what is dangerous? The receiver of all these data is outside India. Yeah, obviously the data servers are from Chin. They were doing those things for a long time. They were spying on us, stealing data for us without letting us know. That’s a crime.

So Indian Cyber Security Coordination Center, Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a recommendation for blocking those apps as soon as possible. We all know most of the Chinese apps are useless. But the remaining some useful apps are also doing crime.

So in the interest of sovereignty and integrity, Defence of India and Security of the state and using the sovereign power Indian Government has decided to block the usage of certain apps used in both mobile and non-mobile internet-enabled devices.

This move is not just a part of India vs China. It’s the masterplan to secure every Indian’s internet usage and important data. We can’t just let them play with our valuable data right?…So that’s a good move.

Pubg BAN: Dummy warlords in Pain!

Is it a sad thing?

Look if you see it as a young pubg lover, that’s obviously not good news. But you know for internet security is the thing, we shouldn’t compromise. I think our intelligent citizens will understand that. The government’s step was never to hurt them. But it is a great step.

I can say, as a student you should find an interest that will help you grow. But gaming is a kind of interest which is consuming the young generation. That sounds hard. But we all know its true.

But for some entertainment and as a game lover we also have alternatives. We have already Freefire. That is also a well-built game. We also have options like Call of Duty and Fortnite. In this era of the internet, we hope we will find a new gaming beast. There is news that Indian developers are working to develop a multiplayer game. The game will be of great graphics and gameplay. You know what’s the great thing is, it will be based on Indian mythology.

That’s it for today. Indian Government is really doing a great job on security. To develop the country and lifestyle we really need to be secured first. We all have seen the black tape on Mark Zuckerberg’s laptop camera. So you should realize how important is security in this era of the Internet. Hope you liked it. If you have any query let us know in the comment section below.


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