3 Free Online Skills You Should Learn for Sure Earnings.

In this lockdown, we are getting lots of free time. Every day is a holiday now. But the lifestyle after this COVID-19 period will not be the same as before. Most of the work will be digitalized. The work purpose will not be that easy. The government has already started facing problems economically. Lots of companies already get closed.

Searching for a job will not be easy, after this period. Lots of fresh and pre-qualified candidates are waiting for a job. So the competition will be 10x higher.

To survive the competition, college degree or knowledge from books will not be enough. Market starts to changing, there are lots of skill already in demand. The companies or maybe government sector will also look for those specific skills in job applicants.

But the Indian education system and this modern demand for skill is two exactly opposite direction. Most of the degrees don’t provide you those specific qualities.

 3 Free Online Skills You Should Learn for Sure Earnings.

But don’t worry, there is our best friend, the internet. It has every ready-made course to develop these skills for us. We already talked about those skills in our old blogs. But they are all in English. So, today we have come with three high demand courses in the Hindi language. We are really excited to share it with you. So here we go…

1.Develop Game without Coding –

 3 Free Online Skills You Should Learn for Sure Earnings.

You, know gaming is the future. That’s completely an entertaining purpose. But all we care about is earning money or getting a job. So you have to go with the trend. You have to make earnings from trends.

There are many ways to earn in gaming. But today we talk about game development. It’s a high profile skill now if you could develop a game now and it gets 40k to 50k downloads in the play store. You will surely earn 35k to 50k monthly for that.

The complete process is from home, you don’t have to run with your resume from company to company.

Now you will say to develop a game, I need a deep knowledge of coding. Congratulations we also have taken care of that problem.

Here is a course in Udemy. In Hindi language. Course name is-


This is a 9 to 10 hours course. It is also self-paced. So if you really have an interest wanna earn money and also want to learn in Hindi. This course is definitely for you. Check it out.

2.Python Coding(IIT BOMBAY):

 3 Free Online Skills You Should Learn for Sure Earnings.

Python, this coding is now in high demand. Actually it always was. It is the most basic programming you can start with. But it can be useful for developing the most advanced software.

Look all the corporate kings like Google, Yahoo, Nvidia, IBM are using python. This is programming worth to learn.

Life is now mostly going to be automated and for automation, we need to develop advanced software. This is where python takes the game.

It is not late now. Still, this is a high demand. If you learn it properly, it will never let you be jobless. You can be a game developer, software developer, web developer, and any more by mastering this skill.

The best thing is you are getting it free of cost from IIT BOMBAY. Yeah, you heard it right. Just visit swayam.gov.in in your browser, then search python, you will get a Hindi course, just sign up and take the course. You should start now.

3 . Data Science, AICTE –

 3 Free Online Skills You Should Learn for Sure Earnings.

Data science is one of the most advanced futuristic topics to learn now. Indian government already planning to add to it to the syllabus. If they will do it, that will be a great decision.

You can get the world’s luxurious job from this skill. Some famous universities already started providing the degree. But they are of lakhs.

If you are looking for a free course. Here you go. Go to the official website of AICTE, then search for data science. You will get a Hindi course. It can be from 4 to 5 weeks course. You can go from basic to advanced level. You just need some basic knowledge of maths. That’s all.

So these are some special courses we have found on the internet. They are also in high demand and also in our favorite language. So your learning will be a lot easier. This lockdown is giving us two choices one is chill and waste yourself, second is, keep calm develop new skills, and be ready for the job. The choice is yours. We will help you for sure. If you have any other questions, let us know in the comment section below. Thanks.


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