Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

All About Chrome Extension

We all love shortcuts, don’t we? Yeah. That’s not a bad thing, cause this is the era of apps, software, and robots. They all help us to automate some of our work and yes it is shortcuts. No, we will not just talk about apps and software today.

We are here to talk about chrome extensions. A familiar for lots of users. Still, some of us have questions about chrome extensions.

What it is actually?

Chrome extension is not exactly an app or software. But it can perform the same action as an app without taking much space. As the name said, it works only in the chrome browser. Wait, no no, it doesn’t work in an Android chrome browser. It works on the chrome browser on the desktop. Hey, android user, don’t be upset, there is a way you can use the chrome extension too. Don’t worry we will talk about that in this post. Stay tuned for that.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful

How Chrome Extension works?

Let’s explain in an example. We all use a dictionary to search words sometimes or to know the meaning. But that day has gone, now we all have an app or software in our device to check this thing. Let me tell you one thing, most of the time we find new words or a word, we are not sure about, while we browse. Basically when we read blogs.

So then what we do. Obviously we copy the word, close the browser, open the dictionary, paste it, find out and then come back to chrome. Isn’t it annoying?
It sounds like a life cycle or something. But how about you just click the word and suddenly a shortcut from the sidebar arises, to find the meaning of the word. You don’t have to leave the browser, not even close the tab, but you will find out the meaning.

That sounds cool right. Yeah, I know, chrome extension does lots of cool things like that. That’s how it actually works. Those who know about SEO, DAW they know better about plugins. Chrome extension is exactly is like a plugin for a browser, that can perform many shortcuts.

How one can use chrome extension in desktop?

In desktop…

First, open Chrome Web Store

Second, find and select the extension you want.

The third click adds to chrome.

Some extensions will ask you for some permission. If you are willing to give that permission, give them, and then add. For details about the chrome extension in desktop –Visit Here

How an Android user can use the Chrome Extension in android?

As an Android user, we all know the best browser in the world is Chrome. But Google doesn’t give permission to use chrome extension in the android chrome browser. Still, you can get full access to the chrome extension. You have to use different browsers.

Thanks to google, they share their chromium technology, basic programming of the chrome browser with the developers. The result is a browser like Yandex, Kiwi they all are chromium based. This time developers just tweak the app, give access to the chrome extension.

So go download any of the yandex or kiwi browser.

Kiwi Browser :

The browser may be developed by a third party but it is chromium based. The browser is clean, safe has also the inbuilt dark mode, and adds a block system. You can get the same workflow, page load speed, and minimal user experience from this browser. It’s a safe browser and also very handy.

To add extension in Kiwi Browser

First, download the Kiwi Browser from the play store.

Second, Open Kiwi Browser and enter chrome://extensions in the search bar.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful

Third, Enable developer mode. ( If it is not showing you should restart the tab or browser.)

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Fourth, Enable desktop mode and visit

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Fifth, search your desired extension and add it to your browser.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Yandex Browser :

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

The Yandex browser is quite a popular browser. It uses Google’s blink search engine. It is Google’s Chromium open-source project. The browser is clean, has a fast load speed like chrome. It has built-in add block mode.

The browser has its own security system. It also checks downloaded files with Kaspersky antivirus. It also uses Opera’s Turbo technology for improved download speed. Not only that the turbo feature works for slow internet speed and adblocking sites too.

The best thing is it supports chrome extensions. It also has a special store for plugins and extensions. Cool isn’t it?

To add extension in Yandex Browser

First, download the Yandex Browser from the play store.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Second, search in the search bar.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Third, find your favorite extension and click add to chrome.

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Fourth, the browser will download the extension and add it to the Yandex Browser.

Can you add Chrome Extension to Firefox?

Yes you can. Follow these steps-

First, download Mozilla Firefox from playstore.

Second, enable desktop mode

Third, Go to tools and click ‘ Browse For All Add-ons’ a tab will open for Firefox Add-on.

Fourth, Then search Chrome Store Foxified and add the plugin to your firefox browser.

Fifth, now you can visit the chrome webstore in firefox.

Sixth, search and add your desired extension.

Look adding an extension to Firefox is not a simple process. The browser is quite heavy and slow. Also not all the extensions are supported. I recommend your Yandex Browser. The browser has lots of features, a very good user interface even it has a special own plugin store for versatility. So go on and add.

Few List Of Chrome Extensions we should use-

There are lots of extensions. You should choose based on your requirements. But normally u can use,

• Data Saver –

Save-Data : On – Best one in this section. It uses Google’s data saver technology and opera’s turbo booster. Restrict browser autoplay video, show low quality image. It’s a very handy one.


Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Zenmate – Best chrome extension in the VPN section. Great bandwidth speed, no speed drop while downloading, total safe internet, anonymous browsing experience. Check it out.

• Add Blocker

Adblock Plus – This chrome extension is recommended by Google. It will provide complete add protection while browsing. It’s totally free, block pop up ads, restrict malware, it even analyzes sites before visiting. It’s the best chrome extension out there for blocking adds.

• Password Manager

Lastpass password manager – That’s a very important section. You have to choose wisely in this section cause we are here talking about the password. Lastpass is quite a famous name in this category. Fully secured, remember all your password, restrict sites from accessing them. You can check it out.

We have a bonus option here,

Flash Sale Autobuy –

Chrome Extensions are cool, but be careful!

Yeah, as the name suggests, it’s an automation software for the flash sale. This extension support all the popular store like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. It is also continuously updating the extension. So you will get to buy every latest product. Just add the extension, select the shopping site, select product and time, it will do the rest of the hard work for you. Cool right? Check it in the Chrome Web Store.

Why should we use Chrome Extension?

1. It can improve your browsing experience. Yeah, your workflow will be fast and fascinating.

2. Nowadays you have lots of accounts on lots of platforms. So you must have a bag full of passwords. Most of the time you can’t remember them and end up using forgotten passwords. It’s like wasting time. But chrome extension can remember your password if you let them.

3. They can perform various programs like heavy software or apps. But still, they don’t take much space. So there is no need to worry about memory.

4. For desktop, the software program and stores are not so fascinating like an android. There are not many varieties for desktop. But chrome extension can give access to lots of useful android apps’ features.

5. Sometimes we use an app for some feature and the feature is also required for one app. But we are giving it permission for the whole system. Let’s take an example, VPN. We use a VPN only for browsing but we download an app that can access our whole system. When we use an extension that problem gets its solution. Now we can use a VPN extension, that can only run inside the browser. Cool.

What if the browser doesn’t support my desired extension?

Look, you have multiple options of apps for a single purpose right? It’s just like that. Find something similar to the extension you are looking for. You can google it for alternative options. I can suggest you should go to Yandex Browser. You will get a whole new plugin store of Yandex as well as a Chrome Web Store. So you will have a better chance there to find alternatives.

But why Google still doesn’t provide Chrome Extension for android?

First of all, most of the chrome extensions are based on android apps. So if they started providing it for android then there is a chance of a decrease in the popularity of the play store. That’s the biggest app store a company could own. They will not lose that just like that.

Secondly, you all know android is a very secure operating system. But dear, you know what China is doing with their apps. An app can track people, steal data, and lots of hacker thing. Even Facebook, shopping apps like amazon do it consistently. So when you are using extension so much in your browser you are providing access to them.

Thirdly, it’s the era of malware attacks. Most of the malware attacks happen from apps. That’s true, right? You are thinking about play store’s app scanning system right? Let me tell you, that’s not so advanced algorithm. There are lots of fake apps there. Why so? Remember your safety is your responsibility.

These are maybe the three main causes why google restricts chrome android from chrome extension.

Conclusion –

As a tech geek, you can’t just walk away from experiencing the new features. To use all features, just remember the security purpose. Take it seriously. For private browsing use chrome. Otherwise use kiwi and enjoy chrome extensions. For desktop always use an internet security guard for better safety. So it’s about use chrome extension but be careful. It’s for today.

What do you think about chrome extension? Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments.


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