How could you know your immune system is weak?

No vaccine or drug has yet been developed to combat coronavirus. Research on Covid-19 from reputed universities like Cambridge University and Oxford University has failed. Universities and medical colleges are still working tirelessly. But at present, our only tool to prevent corona is our resistance. Have you ever wondered how you could understand that your immune system is weak? So today’s article is significant.

If the immune system is weak, you will get infected with any disease quickly. Not only that your recovery from any disease will be slower. Due to the weakness of the immune system, it will take more time.

So here we will mention a few symptoms that will help you get an accurate idea of the state of your immune system.

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1. Wound Healing –

If blood is dripping from any part of our body due to sudden injury a layer of fat is formed on our skin which obstructs the flow of blood. It is a simple self-defense process of the body. It is normal for your wounds to dry out or heal in 3- 4 days.

If it takes longer than that, your immune system is not good. In such a condition cold coughing, fever and common flu can also occur. If your cold cough lasts more than seven days that also a symptom.
However, understand that your immune system is weak.

2. Allergies –

Many people have allergies, at the beginning of each season, they suffer from a fever. Some people have tears in their eyes all day for a day’s travel, while others have to stop themselves from eating certain foods.
Eating those food causes skin problems, sudden shortness of breath, joint pain, and stomach problems.
These symptoms indicate a weakened immune system.

3. Stomach problems / digestive problems –

We have a lot of time for inconsistencies in our normal eating habits. Bacteria grow in the digestive tract. Due to those bacteria, problems like ulcers, constipation, indigestion occurred. If this happens to you again and again, of course, your immune system is weak.

4. Fatigue and exhaustion –

Feeling tired and exhausted most of the time is also a symptom. Usually, lack of sleep, stress, working all day, anemia can be the cause of our fatigue. But if you feel tired even on holidays or after getting enough sleep. Then it is nothing but your week immune system. Understand that there are deficits.

5. Persistent Illness-

When the immune system is low, it takes time for you to recover. It also increases the chances of regular coughs, colds, etc. If you are suffering from cough and flu frequently then your immune system is not good. Usually, cold cough or flu virus is caused by bacteria. Our immune system is usually destroyed by bacteria and viruses. But it has the power to deal with it. This is why if you have a cold and cough again and again then your immune system is weak.

6. Any chronic illness –

Even if you have been suffering from diabetes, heart disease, anemia, asthma, etc. for a long time then you should be careful. Because of the long-term treatment of these diseases weakens your immune system.

7. Stress –

Surprising to hear, but the thing is true. Usually, due to heartbreak, failure, etc, we are suffering from stress. The kind of stress that hits our head is like any heavy injury of our body. So if we suffer from stress for a long time, there is a big chance of a weak immune system.
The system is likely to be weak. It is important to keep an eye on that.

The above reasons will hopefully help you understand your immunity. Exercise regularly, follow healthy eating habits, stay at home, be patient.
We will get back to our old lives. Thanks.


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