Pandemic can’t beat you if you are a self-learner.

Learning is like the multiverse system more you wanna dig down more deep it gets.

Like this more, you learn more the learning path will be broader.

But the thing is being able to learn is one of the best gifts for civilization.

The best thing for our body, mind, and brain is growing.

We all know to eat and taking care is the way of growing in the body.

But what about the brain and mind. Yes, for the brain, mind the answer is learning.

All the inventions we have made, all the good stuff we have built all the things we are making easy are all based on our learning.

We know that Science is a gift for human civilization.

But what connects human and science? Learning don’t you think?

What will happen if you don’t know how to learn?

Then maybe science just exist but not as a gift.

So most of us know at least something about learning.

I know there is a question about learning…

Let me tell you yes you can learn anything or everything you want

.There are so many common ways of learning the things we want.

Like we can go to institutions, we can go to private tutors also we can have various types of teaching and learning procedures.

But there is also a smarter way of learning that’s self learning.

It’s not like a cakewalk but this thing is pretty solid. We have never given it so much importance but the thing is it’s our only hope now.


It’s obvious all this due to the pandemic situation.

We are seeing how our education system is going.

As mediocre people in real life, you can realize that these online classes or exams we’re talking about not up to the mark.

I’m not blaming teachers or systems, no, definitely not.

But the thing is most of our learning has reduced to 50 percent maybe less.

So how can we possibly grow? We all know the fact we are not growing then we are falling backward.

The more time we take to understand the fact more pathetic it will become.

We already have written about how the jobs and work will change after this period.

One college degree will not be enough maybe you need some more skills or a higher degree and then the huge competition.

Yes, there is an ocean of negativity in this Covid 19 era.

But the positivity is we have got lots of time, we got the Internet, as the smartest creature we’ve got self-learning capability.

So as you can see it’s enough to survive the competition as well as life.

Now what is self learning?

Self-learning is a process of learning where you are totally self-dependent.

In this process, there are neither private tutors nor the institutions of big buildings.

You can follow books, forums online tutorials.

Mostly you have to learn with trial and error method.

The easiest way to explain self-learning is this is a process of learning where you teach yourself or you learn with your methods.

Now the question is, Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, it’s damn possible. It’s a way where you can be comfortable as well as quick while learning.

You still have doubts, I know.

Even I had when I first became aware of this thing.

But the thing is to consider an orphan child on the roadside, doesn’t he know how to walk?

Yes, he knows. Maybe some of us got parents to hold hands, maybe parents don’t let us fall that’s all.

But still, orphans know how to walk in some way their learning is different.

But my point is self-learning is possible, it’s damn true.

Moreover, now this self-learning thing is a must-do.

Now we are not able to go to tutors or school/college/University.

But learning is must do. So should we wait for it to end?

Nah…We need to make the most out of it.

So now let’s talk about how could you possibly self learn.

1 . Choosing Things to learn :

We all have things to learn. Whether it’s a hobby or career purpose. So first choose the thing you wanna learn.

2 . Making a plan :

It’s not a must-do thing. But it gets better when you have a plan.

Sometimes we don’t know what will happen.

So if you have plans you would know whether you are doing well or out of track or what you should do next.

So make a plan if possible or at least make a roadmap of what you will do next or where you want to reach.

Do short periods of targets and beat them that’s the process.

3 . Finding Resources –

I’ve said you will not get private tutors or enrollment of institutions.

But nobody born with the ability to play guitar or writing an advanced programming language.

So you need resources to learn. Thanks to the internet.

You will get lots of tutorials, books, and forums. I bet your every doubt will be cleared for sure.

There are youtube, Coursera, Skillshare, audacity, edx , google garage, google search all these things together bring you an extraordinary library no one can ever dream of.

Most of them have free course some of them has paid course too just search properly you will get affordable courses for sure.

4 . Don’t Be Overwhelmed :

Here is one bit of advice. You will get tons of choices.

But choose one at a time. Think before choosing it but when you start always have a mindset that you will finish for sure.

Every tutorial has something to give but you have to stick with it.

So don’t Overwhelm choose one thing at a time and complete it before taking another. Either way, it will not be of any profit.

5 . Finish –

So now everything is set. So just learn and practice. You will see the improvement soon.

Yes, you can. From this, you will know learning can be addictive.

So these are the simplest way of start self learning.

Good sides of self learning –

1 . Obviously you have got an opportunity of learning what the 90s can’t think of. So I wanna ask you why not?

2 . You don’t have to go outside. That’s one of the best options nowadays. You can secure life as well as a career and hobby. It’s cool.

3 . You are getting quality and quantity. You got free resources from the world’s best Universities and Professors.

4 . You don’t have to stick to one thing. You can learn many things. You can feed your hobby, make your career better and also you can learn personal skills.

5 . The learning is in your control. You can control the whole situation. You wanna continue your lesson at 3 am yes you can. That’s the coolest part of it.

6 . Self-learning method is mostly about doing trial and error. So your learning will be much more solid than others.

Yes, there are lots of plus for self-learning.

But wait, to be a smart self-learner you need to consider some things.

You need to avoid some mistakes. So here are things you have to keep in mind in the process.

1 . Choose one at a time. Yes, that’s the best way you can learn quickly and better. Choose one finish it then goes for another skill. Don’t do 2 or 3 in parallel. It will be of more loss than profit.

2 . Don’t forget to practice. It doesn’t matter how many tutorials you have seen or how many books you have read.

What will make you better at doing is how many hours you spent practicing.

So practice. Some of us don’t care about practice but that’s not a good thing.

You are not learning when you are seeing tutorials you are learning when you are practicing.

At least continue with a 50 50 ratio with seeing tutorials and practice.

3 . Have patience,nothing is easy. You have to give it a time.

4 . Set a routine and workflow. Complete everyday target. Remember you are your teacher now. So you have to control yourself to be consistent.

Still, you may have a doubt why you should do self-learning. Ok, pls don’t go. I have answers just hear me out.

1 . Look why we actually study? Obviously for the job. What do we do in the job?

Fulfill the demand of the public and current market. That’s possibly the shortest answer.

Now, let me tell you one thing market places are continuously evolving.

But do you notice any evolution in our education system?

No. Most of the syllabus is based on at least 10 years old structure. What could you possibly do with a decade-old degree?

To get the job, you have to consider what the market needs.

Now let me give an example, now everything becomes so digitalized, so a company will find an employee with a degree as well as some digital marketing or SEO skill.

Even government sectors are looking for a person with typing, programming, and other important software skill.

Now tell me.
Are you really learning those skills in your college?

No. Right? So what will you do? Obviously you should do self learning. You can teach yourself those skills and you can be ahead of 90% other applicants.

2 . Now another thing how will you continue without a tutor or institution?
Look what you follow of institutions or tutors is only routine. Right?

All those results are only reflections of your late-night alone struggle, not your daylight classroom attendance.

So you can there then you can here also. There you do for the sake of a semester.

Here is the question of future, jobs, an edge better chance for promotion. Why wouldn’t you do it? Ask yourself these questions.

3 . Another reason I wanna give you is going for a higher degree.

Whenever you are willing to do masters after graduation, does your institution give you the chance?

No right. You have to appear an entrance test and solve much higher level problems than your University level syllabus.

Who teaches you to do that? Obviously you. From online tutorials to advanced books you work hard to get the degree.

So brother I’m just saying you are already doing self-learning with small efforts. I’m just asking you to operate to your full potential. Jump right into it. You will find learning as the most addictive drug.

4 . Another plus point is you can do experiments here. You can do all trial and error method.

You will build a pretty solid experience and common sense. Remember common sense is not affordable.

Lastly, I wanna say one thing nowadays having a degree only help you to be eligible for the entrance test. But having some skills will help you to be ahead of 90% of competitors.

So that’s pretty much it. Moreover we have three pieces of advice for you:

  1. Be consistent.
  2. Always Practice.
  3. Have patience.

As this pandemic has taken over the world. We are now one type of homesick.

But don’t let your brain, body, and mind sick. Nurture your brain with thinking and learning,

Body with exercise and proper diet. Take care of your mind with love and affection.

We got choices. What we choose is always in our hands. So be wise before choosing.

Keep learning and keep enjoying your life. Make the most out of your time. That’s the BongTec team signing off. Peace


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