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The lockdown on COVID 19 took us a long time. So much free time available now. We have not to get it before or will not get it later. In such a situation we share memes on Facebook, web series, spending time watching, or playing games. But due to this long period of captivity, the economy is getting weak.
In the meantime, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have laid off some of their employees.

It will be more difficult for fresh students to get a job later.
Having a degree in a bibliography or a major university does not necessarily mean having some skills.
Quarantine is the best time to build this skill because we have more time now.

One of the best reasons is several online platforms and several universities like Harvard, California universities are offering completely free enrollment for this period in their expensive courses.


Of course, you don’t have to go out to take courses, it’s completely free, you don’t need any minimum educational qualification. You don’t have to find a specific time to finish the course at your preferred speed.
After doing some courses, you are ready for a job in a big company like Google. You will be able to build some important skills on your own from some courses.
You just need a smartphone and internet connection.

But without further to do, let’s find out how and what courses you can take.

First, you need to open Google Garage. For that, you click on the link below.

Then register with your Gmail account. Here you will get 125 courses. You can find the course of your choice by going to the filter and modifying the category, price, time of your choice.

We have listed some courses for you according to the needs of our blog readers and keeping in mind some important skills for the current job.


1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing –

Divided into 26 modules, this course is designed by Google. With 40 hours of video lectures. This course is completely free. Beginner Course in Digital Marketing You can develop skills from this course without any marketing knowledge.

2. Build Confidence with Self Promotion –

Very short 1-hour course. Confidence is very important in a job interview nowadays. So you can do this hour course. Very short time but a very good course.

3. How to Increase Productivity at Work –

This is also a very short course. It is very important to be productive in today’s busy life. This course created by Google is very helpful.

4. Understand the basics of machine learning –

Machine learning is for those who are interested. You can do this course to accumulate basic knowledge.

5. Machine Learning Crash Course –

If you are interested, enroll in this course by saving the basic knowledge from the previous course. Divided into 3 modules and 15 hours, this course is Google’s own. So this course is very useful. Machine learning is a very futuristic subject you can do if you are interested in lots of job opportunities.

7. Elements A I –

The course at the University of Helsinki and Rector is divided into 8 modules and 30 hours. AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s favorite topic. This course is futuristic.

8. Fundamentals of Graphic Design –

A completely different kind of course. You can get this course at a completely free course from a big university like the California Institute of Arts. This course is very important in the current practice of cinema, filmography, and various types of art. You can do this course for creative work.

9. English for Career Development –

This course is divided into 8 modules and 22 hours. This course will be very useful for learning the English language in a very professional way. This course will be very useful for those who are not native speakers of English but also want to study abroad or go for a job interview.

10. Programming for Everybody (Python) –

Python is now a very powerful language in programming. The use of this language has increased in many types of sophisticated technology projects. You can watch this 12-hour course divided into 8 modules.

11. Search Engine Optimization Course –

A very useful course for bloggers. From this course, you will get video lectures on some topics like how a search engine works, how to grow your blog. You will get this 13-hour core of the University of California at its best for free.

12. Introduction to Cyber ​Security for Business –

Again for those who are interested in this. This course from the University of Colorado is divided into 5 modules. This course is made up of a total of 13 hours of video lectures.

13. SQL Data Science –

For those who are interested in data science. You can get this valuable course from the University of California for free here. It has 20 hours of video lectures. Before doing this course, you can do some basic courses like IBM’s What is Data Science.

14. Build your fast ware page with HTML and CSS –

If you want to make your new blog page your own, then this course is helpful for you. In just 10 hours you will be able to create a beautiful web page.

15. Improve your soft skills –

This 24-hour free course is for complete personality development. This course discusses some important personality traits such as communication skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership.

For now, these are some of our favorite and necessary courses for you. You can also choose the course of your choice from 125 courses from the link above. Stay home. Stay safe. Develop new skills.


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