Solar energy the future of electricity.


Solar Panel


Electricity is a very important part of our daily lives. We lose patience when there is load shedding for a few minutes. We could not stand the power outage for two or three days even after the storm. But once you think about it?

The thermal power plant from which this electricity comes to our house uses fossil fuels like coal, natural gas. And it is not infinite, it will end one day or another. What will happen then? The big thing is that the day is not far away.

So we have to start using any infinite source keeping in mind the future. Solar energy will be one of our biggest sources in this regard. So today we will discuss the nuances of solar energy keeping the future in mind.

solar panels

How is it possible to transmit electricity to the house by using sunlight?

For this, we need a solar panel. A solar panel is made of a few solar cells. Solar cells are able to generate electricity directly from sunlight through the photovoltaic effect.

These are made of silicon semiconductor. Initially, solar cells are a type of photovoltaic cell. Many PV modules are made by such cells. Generally, these modules are solar panels. So solar panels are essential to transmit electricity from solar energy to the home.



Solar panels are made up of silicon crystals or thin-film cells. These cells can be rigid or semi-flexible. Cells are connected in class covariances to produce the required voltage while some cells are connected in parallel to increase the electric current.

Because the wattage of the panel can be obtained from the product of this current and voltage of the panel. Some sophisticated modules have a concentrator in which sunlight falls through a lens into a small cell. Which is able to increase the efficiency of solar panels.



In 1839, the French physicist Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel observed the process of generating electricity from sunlight. In 1881, Charles Fritts built the first commercial solar panel.



1. Cost is low, the source will never go out.

2. No greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Clean water is needed to keep it moving.

4. The first step for a secure future is to install solar panels on the roof of the house.

Why is solar energy considered as the only source of electricity for the future? What will be our profit?

1. First of all, pollution is the lowest. There is no possibility of any washing or mixing of greenhouse gases in the air. There is no possibility of any waste material mixing in the river.

The cleanest and healthiest power generation process. According to the study, 7.4 million people worldwide die every year due to pollution. So power generation in this way is safe for the human race.

2. Initially, the fossil fuels we use for electricity are not only harmful to nature but also limited. So the cost will increase in the future.

The sun on the other hand is an infinite source as well as solar panels allow you to use electricity independently. Which is affordable.

You can also save energy for rainy or emergency use by using solar battery storage.

3. We can use our unused land that is not cultivated or the price of the land is not very high. We can build solar farms on those lands. The solar firm is to build a larger solar energy source by combining the modules of many solar panels in one place.

In this way, we can start a small business and provide electricity to the people of the area. In this case, we have the possibility of tax exemption.

In England, for example, a farm has been set up on a 45-acre plot of land that can meet the electricity needs of 2,500 households.

4. Usually, that thermal power plant supplies electricity to our home. It is located away from home. Power loss is for this distance. As a result, problems like load shedding, low voltage are seen.

In this case, this problem will be reduced. There will be solar panels on the roof of the house. As a result, the problem of power loss will not be seen. Electricity will be your domestic power so you will have complete control over the power and current bills.

5. There is no possibility of blackout or brownout. Each of the houses with solar panels is like a power plant. As a result, our electrical system will be protected, even in natural disasters and damage will be much less or not at all.

6. Increasing the use of solar energy will lead to financial growth and new job opportunities. Commercial financial growth is possible in the process of selling and installing solar panels. At the moment, 50,000 new jobs are being created in countries like America and England.

Now foreign countries are slowly increasing their power generation and supply in this way.

Germany (GERMANY) –

Since 2009, Germany has been leading the world in solar energy production. Germany supplies about 37.2 gigawatts of energy a year in this way. The German government plans to use 100 percent of its solar power as a source of electricity by 2030.



Since 2015, the graph of solar energy use in China has been rising. China is quite successful in this regard due to its large population.



Despite the high population density and lack of space, Japan is aware of this power. The country is capable of producing about 25 gigawatts of energy per year. After the explosion of the nuclear plant at Fukushima, Japan has become very careful about making solar energy. Japan has endured so many natural disasters and plans for the solar island and water-resistant solar panels.


Italy (ITALY) –

Italy is not far behind. Italy supplies about 15 percent of the country’s electricity needs through solar energy. The country produces about 20 gigawatts of energy a year using the sun’s rays. Also, the benefits of the Italian government’s solar system-assisted tax exemption have made the Italian people interested in this.

United States (U.S.A) –

The United States is now able to generate about 30 percent of its electricity from sunlight. An investment of about $16 billion will take the United States further in the use of this energy.

সোলার প্যানেল(Solar Panel) -ভবিষ্যত বিদ্যুৎ জোগানের বৃহত্তম উৎস (Price , Availability , Future plan in India)


India’s beautiful geographical location makes it much easier to use solar energy in a more comprehensive way. The sun shines here for about 300 days of the year.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy plans to generate 165 gigawatts of electricity from sunlight in 2022.

So this time we have to think about installing solar panels on our roof. Solar panel installation is not expensive. Solar panels are made by a few solar cells, an inverter, an AC DC switch, and some other electrical equipment. But before installing a solar panel module on the roof of the house, we need to keep some things in mind.


1. Roof Condition –

Solar panels usually come with a 20 to 25-year warranty. This means that once set up, you will not be able to remove it for at least 10 to 15 years.So check the condition of your roof in advance. If you have plans to repair your roof in a few years. But do it now and install the panel. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra installation charges later as there may be other losses and possibilities.


2. Be aware of the slope of the roof –

The efficiency of solar panels largely depends on the slope of the roof. Roof slope is very important for drainage. Which will maintain the protection of the panel during the rainy season? In general, solar panels set up on sloping roofs to the north have relatively high efficiency. The slope must be between 10 and 30 degrees.


3. Your home’s electricity needs –

It is important to first have a clear idea about the electricity needs of your home in order to know what kind of panel you will use. If you use lights, fans, and refrigerators, a 1 kW system is convenient for you. However, for security or if your budget is high, you can use the 2-kilowatt system.


4. Types of Solar Panels (TYPES OF SOLAR PANEL) –

There are two types of solar panels –

Monocrystalline – which is made with a crystal of silicon.

Polycrystalline – which is made up of multiple crystals of silicon.

Monocrystalline has higher efficiency in this case. In this case, the electron can move freely in a cell. However, efficiency depends on the technology in which it is made. So keep an eye on everything.



Be sure to know the details about the warranty before setting it up. These usually come with a 20 to 25-year warranty. The product has a 10-year warranty. The rest of the warranty action is above capacity.


It usually costs Rs 40,000 to Rs 60,000. But how much will it cost you? It all depends on your choice.

There are three types of solar systems –

On-Grid Solar System –

In this case, the solar system is connected to the normal current system of the house. As a result, no separate storage is required. The installation cost of 1 KW of such a system is around Rs 75,000 and the cost of 2 KW can go up to Rs 1.5 lakh.

Off-Grid Solar System –

Usually, the solar system is not connected to the meter and electricity post of the house. Separate batteries have to be used as storage. This type of system costs Rs 60,000 for 1 kW and Rs 1.60,000 for 2 kW.


Hybrid Solar System –

It is usually used commercially. In this case, the battery is connected to two for electrical posts and storage. The cost of 1 kilowatt and 2 kilowatts of such system is one and two lakh rupees respectively.




A very good module. About 20 percent efficiency. It comes with a 25-year performance warranty. Weight about 11 kg.



This model has 20 percent efficiency. It also comes with a 25-year warranty. Action efficiency is higher due to being monocrystal.



Microtech is a very good company in the field of solar panels. This model comes with 20% operation efficiency and 23 years warranty. It weighs about 11 kilograms.



The efficiency of a panel made up of 72 cells is 20 percent. It also has a 25-year warranty.


5. Luminous Monocrystalline Solar Panel 335 Watt / 24 V –

Its work efficiency is about 19 percent. It has a 1-year product warranty and 25 years performance warranty. The weight is about 22 kg more.

These are some of the best budget solar panels.

Although the use of this energy is still in its infancy. There is no doubt that this is the future. Although solar panels may seem expensive at first, they are very profitable in the future. So the sooner we choose the future, the sooner the world will be pollution-free and we will be able to generate electricity independently. Thanks


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