Concentration Can be Improved by following 7 simple steps!

Concentration Power Of Ancient World

The practice of science in ancient India began with the discovery of Buddhism. The discovery of Aryabhatta’s zero in the five hundred years later proves the greatness of the practice of mathematics in India. The scientists of that time were not behind in space exploration. The mystery of the Universe like the earth revolves around the sun or the star next to the sun named Proxima Centauri, also discovered in ancient times. Scientists did not refrain from practicing knowledge even though there was no periscope or technology. The secret of their study of science was infinite concentration and patience.

What does mean by Concentration?

Another meaning of concentration is the ability to concentrate. For example- suppose you are doing something in a way where all the movements of the outside world have become blurred to you. No outside frenzy is bothering you. That is your concentration.

Why our concentration is declining?

Now our real life has become much more complicated and busy. Together we want to do more than one thing. This is the main reason for our declining concentration. According to social psychologist Susan Perry

”When we focus on something or when our attention is suddenly diverted from something, if we know the activities of our head, it is possible to create a tool that will help us to increase our concentration. ”

 Process –

Our brain has two parts, which control the way we concentrate.

1. The prefrontal cortex –

which usually controls the process of intentional concentration, such as pre-exam reading or book writing. It is a little behind the forehead. MIT neuroscientists say that this part helps us to concentrate on what is happening around us.

2. Parietal Cortex –

This is more automated. High-pitched sounds, sudden attacks, etc. send signals to the head. Located just behind the ear.

How we lose It?

Now our brain is the most advanced. Usually, when we concentrate on a task, we lose our concentration if something important happens to us that we should focus on. Also extra noise, bright light can cause an accident and ruin our concentration.

Mark A. of Ceylon Hill University. W. “High levels of noise help us to secrete crystal hormones that destroy our concentration,” said Andrews.

How long does it take to regain concentration?

According to Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, it takes 25 minutes to recover. ”

How do we increase our concentration!


দৈনিক কাজে মনোযোগের  অভাব ? চাকুরীজীবি থেকে ছাত্র , সবার জন্য রইল একাগ্রতা বাড়ানোর কিছু টিপস ।
Yoga helps to increase our concentration. A study from the University of Illinois found that those who practiced yoga for 20 minutes throughout the day were relatively more successful at concentrating than others. So the practice of yoga will help increase our concentration.

Drink enough water :

দৈনিক কাজে মনোযোগের  অভাব ? চাকুরীজীবি থেকে ছাত্র , সবার জন্য রইল একাগ্রতা বাড়ানোর কিছু টিপস ।
It is important to drink enough water to stay healthy. Not only this, but drinking water is also very important to keep our brain active.


দৈনিক কাজে মনোযোগের  অভাব ? চাকুরীজীবি থেকে ছাত্র , সবার জন্য রইল একাগ্রতা বাড়ানোর কিছু টিপস ।

If we do not sleep properly and our concentration decreases. Normally we need 7-8 hours of sleep a day. “The lack of delta sleep and our concentration can affect,” said Vatsal G. Thackeray, a doctor at New York University. Delta sleep is our 3-4 hours of deep sleep.

Eating habits:

দৈনিক কাজে মনোযোগের  অভাব ? চাকুরীজীবি থেকে ছাত্র , সবার জন্য রইল একাগ্রতা বাড়ানোর কিছু টিপস ।

Daily eating habits and our concentration can affect. An adequate amount of vitamins, antioxidants, protein foods. So it is important to eat.

There are also three scientific works that we can get better results by practicing.

Zone out:

This word means a sudden departure from thoughts or daydreaming. Explain that when you can’t concentrate on something, let yourself be stressed. According to a survey –

“People who want to get more involved in their work daydream when they don’t need to.” Said Paulie Sally, a psychologist at Harvard University

”Let yourself be lost when you get lost at work. Get out of that job and concentrate on a new task or focus on a problem-solving task and go back to your previous job, you will see that you can concentrate better than before.

Keep smiling :

according to a contemporary study

An adequate amount of laughter helps to increase our concentration. The survey also found that an employee watching a video of laughter can concentrate faster than an average employee. David Chang, a professor at Australia’s National University, says:

“Creating a fun environment at work, sending e-mails or comedy videos will increase our concentration, increase our interest in working.”

Be more difficult –

We usually like to think that a calm, clean environment is more conducive to our concentration but the opposite is true. A rather messy environment increases our concentration or interest in working. For this reason, we have not seen a clear picture of the house of the world’s leading scientists. According to a psychologist named Neely Levy – “Our brains have a limit. If we keep thinking about work in our head, then after crossing a boundary, our head automatically concentrates on the most important work.” This is what he calls load theory

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