Tiktok vs Facebook the next biggest corporate fight

Tiktok vs Facebook


Social media is a rapidly expanding platform in the world of technology. As soon as we hear the name social media, we think of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But we have been familiar with these names for a long time. When something new will come?

This is fast-paced, whether any other app on social media will have the same impact as KGF’s fame, or will Facebook’s reign continue.

Facebook, which was started by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, is now a tech giant with 2.11 billion users. According to a survey by Gizmodo, 300 million photos are shared daily. According to the social skinny, there are 510000 comments and 293000 status updates every minute.

But nothing is eternal. Over time, the Internet has become cheaper, the speed has increased, the amount of people using it has also increased. So people have gradually become interested in videos from photo sharing. Facebook has brought features like video, live video, mobile mode video etc. to keep itself up to date. IG TV brings IG TV. Google brings YouTube.

Now the question is will any new idea be able to bet new market?

According to a 2016 survey, a video can make people more interested in a brand than a photo. And who doesn’t know that influential businessmen and information companies are curious about people’s interest. So in search of a video based social media platform, the first target is tiktok.

A Chinese company acquired byte Dance, launched Tiktok in 2016. From the beginning, the ad-free interface fascinates users. Within a few days, songs, dances, comedies and other creative short video uploads became very popular. Due to the lack of copyright issues and some amazing video editing features, the popularity continues to grow. The number of users continues to grow. It has become very provocative as a brand marketing platform for naturally influential businessmen and information gathering agencies.

However, it is not possible to say right now whether it will be able to compete with Facebook. As Facebook’s share and user base continues to grow, or as Facebook continues to evolve, it has become increasingly difficult for any platform to compete with it in recent times. But nothing is impossible, so time will tell whether tiktok will be able to establish itself or Facebook will maintain its dominance.

On the other hand, if the likes and comments of YouTube become more popular, if the issue of copyright are compromised by the YouTube authorities, then YouTube also has all the ingredients to rule on the social media platform. Above all, YouTube is career-oriented.

Also a new addition to this platform is Bytes. Which is another video based social media, but currently it is limited to America only. It gained popularity within a few weeks of its launch. Only time will tell when it will hit the Indian market and be able to change the trend.


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