God vs science. Is it a worthy fight?

God vs science. Is it a worthy fight?

Science; originated from the Latin word ‘scientia’, it means science. A very familiar word. Science is a systematic initiative that creates and processes knowledge in an experimental way. It explains the mysteries that take place in the universe based on those experiment.

This science has been with human civilization since the beginning of time. Whether it is to light a fire or to make a wheel, the cause of evolution has become intertwined with human life and civilization. From putting paste on our morning toothbrush to going to bed at night, science has been at our service. The greatest importance of science lies in the fact that it has touched the progress of society. Life has become easy and comfortable through science and technology. Human civilization has become easier and faster. With the advancement of technology, the standard of living has also increased.

Despite so much education, awareness and science-mindedness –

‘Will science dominate the world?’

Undoubtedly, the greatest opponent of science is “God”. Because on the one hand there is continuous experimentation and observation, on the other hand there will be faith and myths.

Once upon a time, human existence, the origin of life on earth, and cosmic events were mysterious. We have studied all this in biology, astronomy, physics and other branches of science. Shawn Carroll, a theoretical astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, said: “Science will eventually reach a complete understanding of the universe that will leave no stone unturned for God.”

In fact, physics has succeeded in explaining the origin and evolution of the cosmic universe in a number of ways. So God’s influence is also shrinking. But at the end of the day, science is man-made, so science will expand as far as man can expand his store of knowledge. We agree, yes, there are still many cosmic mysteries. Science is still far away from unraveling the mystery of the billions of living things in the earth. Enough doubt still remains.So this question may remain controversial again and again.

But it is possible to answer it in two ways by thinking it is easy,
On the one hand, if you judge everything with a scientific, realistic and rationalist attitude, you will insist that yes science is ruling the world right now. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to admit if you are thinking through spirituality.

But we should keep in mind all the gifts of science, I am saying that people who are greedy for power believe in it as power. Today, all the other species in the world are endangered for this man, as well as mankind. Think about the Bhopal gas accident or Hiroshima Nagasaki, one more addition to the list is the recent killing virus.

We all are aware of the terrible forms of science. So the only way to keep human civilization alive is peace. For which we can accept Mahadev as creator of Jagat Sansar without revealing the mystery of the Big Bang Theory. Because that is more important in the interest of the nation.


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