Is immunity enough or vaccination is the only key against Corona!

 Immunity enough or vaccination is the only key against Corona

All over the world, corona has taken the shape of Pandemic. America, China, Italy and England are the worst hit countries in the world. The death toll in Italy has reached eight thousand. Human civilization has faced many dangers from the past but it has won the battle of evolution in most case. But today we will talk about how Homo sapiens sapiens (Homo sapiens sapiens) has survived so many thousands of viruses for so long?How they build immune system in past? How is the situation today? Today’s article is about the whole world.

Let’s talk about Britain first.


The reason is very simple.

BBC News:

Around the world, where mass tests and lockdowns against coronavirus have begun, the process of quarantine and isolating has begun in earnest; The British Prime Minister and British Health Adviser called for “Hard Immunity”.

What is that Hard Immunity?

Hard, i.e. sum. No antibiotics work on the virus. Although the virus has DNA / RNA, it does not have ribosomes, so it cannot synthesize proteins on its own. Therefore, the strongest weapon against the virus is the human body’s natural immunity (IMMUNITY).


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When a large proportion of people are infected with the virus, their body produces the “first line of defense” the killer of virus is antibody — a type of protein that makes blood plasma. In the first case, immunoglobulin-M is made, which activates the body’s immune system and identifies intruders in the body. Immunoglobulin-G is then made, which neutralizes viruses or bacteria, sowing a memory for the future in those antibodies.

833px Herd immunity.svg

This theory is very ancient and has been the solution of many epidemics in the past. Once upon a time, when someone was infected with pox, a “pox party” was given at his house. Other parents would take their children there. Why? Because chickenpox is not so terrible in young age but it can be fatal in old age. So children were deliberately vaccinated against the pox virus, so that immunity is created at an early age. Now that these have gone up, the varicella virus vaccine has arrived. Hard immunity may be effective if there is a vaccine. But without a vaccine (like this Kovid-19)? Researchers fear that in this case, it will get terrible. MIT biotech experts estimate that as a result, millions of people in Britain will die before that hard immunity is created, and that between eight million and one million people will need “critical care” services.

“This strategy is very stressful,” Jeremy Rossman, a professor of virology at the University of Kent, told a British newspaper. Now we need rapid lockdown and confinement. Giving the virus a chance to spread hard immunity there means Britain is calling for another plague.

A study of monkeys called macaques showed that once infected with the corona virus, normal immunity is easily developed. But how long this resistance will last in humans is a big question. This new corona virus is closely related to the former SARS virus. A study from the University of Texas found that resistance to corona virus can be long-lasting.

Last Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of recovered patient plasma in the body of a seriously ill patient.

Hydroxychloroquine (C18H26ClN3O) and azithromycin are also being used to treat malaria.

What is the picture in West Bengal?

The Indian government took action without delay after receiving the news of the virus in Wuhan. Flights from China and Hong Kong were quickly reduced. Thermal scanners were installed at the airport and passengers were closely monitored. The Indian government is notorious for their attitude. But in this case, all sides of the government became active with the speed of the storm. Government started to build quarantine camps in Delhi, Rajasthan and Calcutta for emergency purpose. Indian Armed Forces takes the matter seriously. The first positive case was caught in Kerala. The Kerala government tracked the patient down. There are direct flights from China to Kolkata, China to Eastern Kunming. The victim was a student of Wuhan Medical College, traveled through Calcutta. The West Bengal government started tracking the other passengers of the plane immediately. Meanwhile, the rescue operation started from Wuhan. Air India jets and Air Force giant Globe master planes picked up detained Indians from other countries at the risk of their lives.


Meanwhile, the number of cases in Kerala is increasing as more and more people are returning from abroad. The West Bengal government did not go for any theory. It starts with enclosing as soon as you see people coming from abroad and setting up health camps on an emergency basis. Beleghata ID. is the first quarantine center in West Bengal.  Howrah Dumurjala Stadium was turned into a quarantine center overnight. Kerala is the most affected area at this moment.

As a result, the government has gone one step further by creating a special kind of app, which will be able to keep a close eye on the geographical boundaries of each patient in GPS technology. With unprecedented prudence, a separate fund was set up to make home delivery from day laborers to school mid-day meal homes, with the Kerala and West Bengal governments taking action in record time.

India, a country of one hundred and thirty crores, went into complete lock down. That stunned the world. What did not happen during the two world wars, even during the state of emergency. It is the first time in the history of 617 years that the Indian Railways has come to a complete standstill.

The game is not over yet. India’s threat in the second innings has been steadily increasing since the lock down, with the number of victims exceeding eight hundred. Hard immunity is not entirely unscientific, but Oxford alumnus Boris Johnson is right. Our watchdog Prime Minister does not have these pressures, he says to keep “restraint”, hard English words like “antibody”, “immunity” etc. are not part of Indian culture. The fight to implement the Ultimate Lock down is ongoing.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is going to invest a large sum of money in this purpose.However, it is true that in the first innings against this terrible epidemic, Pinarayi Vijayan of Kannur University and Mamata Banerjee, an alumnus of Calcutta University, went ahead with almost follow-on.

Ultimate result:

Until the latest news, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson himself has been infected with the corona virus.
Kerala and Maharashtra, two states in India, are facing a slow growth.
Hopefully, millions of people will smile at the end of this fight. Let salute now the struggle of millions of scientists and doctors.



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