Drones: rules to keep in mind before buying.

Drones: rules to keep in mind before buying .

Drones are now widely used for commercial, creative, entertainment and military surveillance purposes. But before using drones, you need to know the rules and regulations of the Indian government regarding drones, otherwise you may become punishable.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are called drones. Although it went viral in 2014, the Indian government did not allow it for some security reasons. However, in December 2016, with the approval of the government, the general public got clearance to use drones. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

According to government regulations, drones are divided into five different categories by size. Which are –

Nano – 250 grams or more

Micro – 250 g – 2 kg

Mini – 2 kg to 25 kg

Small – 25 kg to 150 kg

.Large – more than 150 kg

However, most of the drones now available in the Indian market belong to the Nano and Micro classes.

According to the new rules, the drone must be licensed at the time of purchase. So that each drone will have a unique identification (ID) number. It will cost around 1000 rupees to make a license. Which will be engraved on a flammable plate on the drone.

Unmanned Aerial Operator Permit or Remote Pilot License is required to control the drone. The cost to do that is 25000 rupees. However, this license is required only if the drone is to operate above 200 feet. However, the validity of this license is only 5 years and it will take 10000 rupees to renew it again.

You can use drones even if you have a license for a software program like ‘No Permission No Take Off’ from drone companies. But in this case you have to run the drone of that company.

Where to get license: –

You can apply for UIN and UOAP on an online platform called Digital Sky. Which is a platform approved by the Government of India where you have to fill up the form with the required information, after some time you will be able to get your license.

Before getting a pilot’s license, you have to go to DGS’s Flying Training Organization and learn. For which minimum age should be 18 years and minimum tenth grade qualification with English language needed.

Other rules –

Drones can only be used during the day. Drones must be operated at a distance of 25 km from any international border, 5 km from the airport and 500 meters from the office of any military or home affairs ministry. Foreigners cannot come here and fly drones. For commercial use, foreigners must take the help of an Indian with a license.
Violation of the above rules will result in your punishment in accordance with the laws of Aircraft.

It is better for the Indian government to have strict rules for drones. However, the cost of making a license is a little higher. But you will never make a mistake. Drones must be used but in accordance with the rules. Only then will all the rules and regulations be maintained. Thanks. If you have other questions, please comment. Don’t forget to like the page.


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