God vs Science : The Conclusion – 6 tremendous facts about victory

The  big fight of this civilization is God vs Science. We already have talked about this. The fight is about sometimes science explain something with then faith becomes fact and when science can’t explain then faith overcome fact. As you all assume god as a creator and Science as a discover so it’s easy to say that science is behind God. It’s so obvious , Faith is so strong when you believe something from heart then you have the power to  mistrust the truth in front of you or other way you did not look for explanation.


But if you look things either way there is no point to continue this fight. God is not here to tell us a different story. But science is here to find out the lies meaning that god is well aware of science. Didn’t we can think that nature is just science based approach of God. 

1. Firstly concept of number system

Do you ever feel the sense of counting things outside of your math class? Doesn’t matter whether your answer is yes or no you are going to announced with this paragraph.                  Look at all the things in the world in countable state don’t you think? of course some are only measurable. But keep that aside now focus on this number system. take an example when a cat take her children  back to home does she miss anyone them or does she bring extra more of others? Answer is no. So then what we do have counting skill but every little life in this earth has counting sense too.
  That’s the world bound with a number system. Why there is specific things in specific numbers in earth. That’s where our concept of number systems come and that’s what God has made. So number system is just waiting for us to be revealed. It was there from the beginning of the earth’s life. 

2. Everything is Specific – 

The greatest creation of God is making this universe more unique in every way possible. Look at the pattern of leaves everything has different patterns. Look at the shape of the mountains no one has same safe or considering the size of oceans none of them has same size.

 Even the voices, fingerprints, DNAs of every persons are unique and specific, never repeatable. That’s made our identification easy. So science has just helped us to reveal that but God created it as the specific  uniqueness. So it’s like that God wants to create a thing and also wants us to understand the thing. That’s why science kicks in. 

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3. Express and Explain – 

Expressing and explaining are the building blocks of understanding. Sometimes we do both, sometimes we cannot express just explain. Sometimes we do neither of them.

God vs Science : fact vs faith

Like the expression of God vs Science in a meaningful way for nature. God create all these mostly we can say he creates expression. Also create us to be capable of understanding. Then created science that can explain god’s expression.

Like everything in the earth we didn’t create we just understand. At first we saw fire from lightning to forest then we discovered the sparkling from the friction between stones that the little transparent  blue yellow-ish  flame. Science has been helping us understand the story behind that and making us to understand whether it is good or bad or how could we use it. So that’s it god expresses, science explains, we examine and understand. 

4. Religion or realization – 

From the beginning the fight is live God vs Science. The game is never ending, even in this 21st century its continuing. From the past before Christ or early after Christ there is a belief where religion should do piece, better understanding of self-worth, improvement but they manipulate the society to be slave of them, they mentioned them as the good ones sent by god.

There  is nothing bad about concept of religion but what bad is it always tries to shut the door of realization many scientist, brilliant personality compromised life, paid price for this and in the end we got science.  As even the popes believe as god is most powerful and controlling the world so he should know sciences entering into his world but he let it grow.

That’s it by religion and realization mixed up science helps us to realize things, god helps us to be strong, to have something to believe in. This way we should learn this universe system is not the game of god, we are understanding it in a way it actually happening on behalf of Science.

Where again no body wins in the battle of God vs Science, but they are playing a tremendous role together to let us know the whole story behind everything.

5. Possible or Impossible – 

These two words are may be the most connected opposite words ever.  As APJ Abdul kalam once said I’m possible is impossible so that is the way of our life.

 Every human is blessed with the gift of thinking. Maybe science created all  our innovation but first where our innovation born, it’s in our mind, in our thoughts where ideas visualize the basic stages of innovations first.

But how our idea generates? we don’t know. Maybe it’s a process of nature but those impossible ideas become the possible things by using a limit of hard work.

In 1400 we could not think of television as now it’s surreal, in 1800 we thought internet as a myth now it’s need one click to be online. Like this impossibility is the first step before possibility. God helps us to to make a journey through this process and he built the amount of talent in our mind and gives us science to create them, understand them, and do them, make them real so as we see God and science is working together to make this world a better place. So wouldn’t the God vs Science is an overrated ritual.

6. Time – 

Time, is a tremendously complex thing, created by God and other way we can say it’s actually a dimension. Time means sort of like everything. We need it to describe our past, present and future. In our everyday life everything is measured with the dimension of time. Like the things science has created over the years or will create in the coming years or like God has created  whole lot of universe or is processing lots of things in this universe right now. All the things depends dimensionally on time.

Could you think of any part of your life without the time.  Like it gives us hope that one day maybe, Science will find a window to the the parallel universe or we will find planet with water and oxygen or make a  journey through the black hole or maybe one day we’ll time travel. 

But that’s all are gift of God and hard work of science. God create time and Science puts effort to understand it, to measure it, to use it, to create our lives better. So don’t you think it’s time for God and Science instead of God vs Science.


In the conclusion  both the God and Science are the basics of our human life in this planet. We need luxury, easier life, technologies and  we need material things for a life where Science is continuously improving.

But we also need things to believe, to fear yeah, we need to have a fear of paradox, need to have a understanding of that there is a thing that beyond our imagination. We need to have a thing that we can imagine to get a tremendous feeling inside from your soul.

So nature holding God and Science in  both strong and both beautiful way. We know  the world is not perfect but it will be amazing if you find the beauty of this imperfect world. Thank you, share your deepest thoughts about this, bring the heat in comment section.

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