Quantum Computer: a new era of India’s science and technology

Quantum Computer:

The Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology is set to invest Rs 6,000 crore in quantum computing research. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the project would bring a new dimension to India’s science and technology research.
In 2016, the European Commission invested 13 1.13 billion in quantum computing research. China has already announced 22 billion in projects. The fight for quantum supremacy has started between IBM and GOOGLE in this quantum competition. India is still relatively new to quantum computing research.
Last year, India’s Department of Science and Technology announced a research project called QuantumEnabled Science & Technology (QuEST). Amazon and Microsoft have pledged to provide cloud services in this project. Over the past few decades, the computing power of classical computers (which we use) has at least doubled every two years (Moore’s Law).
But why the need for quantum computing?
Let’s find the answer to this question.

Why Quantum Computers :

Despite all the amazing research in science and technology, some computational problems have not been solved today. As a result of this problem, there may be a new discovery stopped; maybe a solution to the problems of the global economy. All modern computers work on classical models. You have to figure out the origin of the prime number (what do you think? What’s the benefit? All modern encryption means Internet security runs this way). Even for today’s most advanced classical computer, it may be impossible. Then assume molecular simulation, The most powerful supercomputer of IBM has also failed there. But Quantum computer can do that effortlessly.

Let me give you an example-

For the work that Intel is adding billions of transistors to conventional chips, IBM scientists have shown that that work can be done on a quantum computer with only 50 qubits (the smallest unit of quantum computing is qubits).

Present and future :

Quantum computing is still in its infancy and no global technology has yet been discovered. However, future quantum computer prototypes; cryptography, modeling, optimization problems are yielding unprecedented results. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the new birth. Now let’s talk about the future of India.
If India is to make progress in quantum computing research, Of course,
they have to set the right projects and policies. If necessary, it must participate in joint ventures with organizations like IBM and Google. IBM CEO Arvind Krishna says: If we don’t invest in quantum computing research right now, it will soon lag behind other countries. ”

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