Keep Handset clean during covid 19 :Why and how?

 Your handset can spread coronavirus!

The most alarming thing at the moment is the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), which has now taken the form of an epidemic. It is disrupting not only business and the economy but also our normal life around the world. We haven’t got any vaccine yet so we just have to be careful about our living now. Health professionals are saying to keep your hands, feet, face, eyes, and nose clean and don’t touch them often.

But have you ever wondered how clean your mobile is? Can a virus survive on your mobile?

Let’s find out the answer-

The smartphone which we use to make a voice call or to send SMS, sometimes to watch videos or sometimes to play games. When we do those things, it touches our ears, throat, and mouth. So it could be a carrier of COVID-19.

According to a study, an average of 94 people uses phone 2,600 times a day. So now that Corona is in full swing around the world, it’s not impossible to say that your handset is going to be the cause of your fear.

According to the Seattle Times, our phone can contain 25,126 bacteria per square inch. Another piece of news that is enough to raise concerns is that the coronavirus (COVID-19) can live on the screen of your phone for up to 96 hours. We are not asking you to throw your phone but it is relevant that we should know how to keep the phone clean.

How to Clean?

According to the Journal of Hospital Infection, the novel coronavirus can be neutralized by a solution of 72.61% ethanol (C2H5OH), 0.5% hydrogen (H), and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite (NaClO).
However, alcohol is not an advantage for all panels, so some caution should be obeyed. The US company Apple has stated that any of its products can be disinfected with 80% isopropyl alcohol (C3H8O). Samsung (SAMSUNG) has said that it will also bring mobile sanitizing services as soon as possible. Soap or excess alkali should not be used. To avoid damage to the rest of the screen, we have to be as careful as possible.
Another way-
 UV light is also a sophisticated way to keep the phone clean. It is known that the phone can be 99% sterilized by UV light. However, it is still doubtful if UV light can kill COVID-19.
Since there is no such method to keep the phone clean, it is important to wash your hands thoroughly after using the phone. However, there is no reason to worry so much about this, you just follow the official instructions, wash your hands every 20 seconds. Please don’t go outside without necessary. Together we can prevent this epidemic. Thank you. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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