9 mysterious places, around the world .

mysterious places on earth

Man’s interest in seeing the unseen to know the unknown is eternal. But is it really possible? Despite seeing so many places, we could not unravel its mystery. There are so many mysterious places in this world.

The exact age was not known. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is not known exactly how much

These were civilizations, it is not known the period or civilization of some great architecture. We are still looking for ways to unravel the mystery. So let’s find out today some wonderful places around the world. Which are still plunged into the darkness of mystery?

Stonehenge :

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This architecture is found in the north of England. This shape is known as Stonehenge. It was built about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago. The largest rock is called Presence. According to the story of a novel written by Monmouth, King Arthur in his greatness decided to make it to pay homage to the ancestors. So he sent his troops to Ireland send stones to rescue. The soldiers won the battle and captured the stones, but they had to carry them but they couldn’t. The magician Marlin shots rocks by the sea using his magical powers and was able to bring it to the right place on the way.

However, according to historians and archaeologists, about 1,000 workers bring the stones by tying and rolling  According to the geographers, as a result of the earthquake, rock shots floated in the current of the glacier to the destination. If these can be accepted. Even then, the question remains as to how the ancient artisans placed the stones in a circular path without the use of sophisticated technology, or why nature has placed the stones in such a circular shape, and if so, why not a single stone has become more or less. Thousands of such questions remain in our minds. This is a very popular travel destination.

Bermuda Triangle:

the bermuda triangle 2389580 640

Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico are the three countries that cover the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by it is known as the Bermuda Triangle. Journalist Edward Van in 1950 in Winkle Jones first brought it to the attention of the public about the disappearance of ships and aircraft.

Based on his story It is said that when the ship reached this place, the sailors lost contact with other people Left. However, at the initiative of the US government, the geographers have to identify this place in a perfect way but they couldn’t. However, scientists have dispelled any doubts about this. According to them, there is no such specific place.

However, people like to think about it in a mysterious way like the curse of the people of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. This is how this triangle has become mysterious.

Nazca Desert/ Lines, Peru  :

nasca 1089342 640

Large Geoliffs are found in the Nasca Desert of Peru. Geoliffs are on earth or rocks, stone or hand-carved designs or pictures. Such lines and drawings are found in Peru, covering an area of ​about 160 square miles in the desert. Peruvian archaeologist Toribio Mejia Gespe studied linear shots in 1926.

There are some real and some imaginary animals and pictures of trees are curved. Not only that

Pictures of different geometric shapes like triangles, quadrilaterals, trapeziums are also available. Reinhard

In his book, The Nasca Lines: New Perspective on Their Origin and Meanings, says:

“Most of the lines do not point to any geographical or cosmic horizon. Rather, it has taken them to places where the rituals of this civilization were performed to obtain fertility of the land and water. “

The spider was the symbol of the rain, the hummingbird was the symbol of fertility. Monkeys could be found in the jungles of the Amazon, that’s a sign of a very large place of water.

Reinhardt’s interpretation is inaccurate. But according to archaeologists, anthropologists and geographers

A place where it rains only 20 minutes a year. So people here to get water draw lines that point to a water source.

Eye of Sahara :

crater 67623 640

This geographical structure, located in the Sahara Desert of Africa, is found from the surface too. Images are usually obtained from aircraft or by satellite. Taurus eyes. The circumference of this incredible shape is about 30 miles. Its age according to a Canadian geographer is

100 million years. It is said that it was the ancient lake of the legendary city of Atlantis. Again many

According to historians, the meteorite’s fall to Earth’s surface created such a shape.

Historian Theodore Manoad also found human skull nails and teeth here. These people are called Asseller people. An advanced civilized people of antiquity who were interested in art and they were also advanced in art. However, the answer still does not match.

Easter Island Polynesia :

easter 2250119 640

On the eastern island of Polynesia, only large sculptures can be seen. Which are constructed for sure.

There are doubts about whether or when it was built. According to many archaeologists, this architecture was built in 600 AD. But carbon technology says 1200 AD.

It is known that this is the reason for the direction of today’s fertile lands and reservoirs. The architecture has some kind of body mark like a statue of a big man. Scientists say the rest of the body is under the ground and it is much larger. However, how it was possible to build such a large architecture remains unclear.

Eternal Flame Falls :

waterfall 1483312 640

A cave inside a fountain at Chestnut Ridge Country Park in New York, USA. These stunning things are found to be seen in places like a beautiful fountain is a flame of fire beneath it, which never goes out. According to scientists, the rock layer below this, flames of methane gas can be seen. Travelers say it smells like eggs from nearby places.

However, according to Indiana University, this 30-inch flame requires a much higher concentration of methane. In a place like this which is very strange. It is said that it was first seen burning 100 years ago. It is occasionally extinguished but ignites immediately. Although scientists could not explain. People’s interest has increased and its importance as a tourist center has also increased.

The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt :

egypt 3088056 640

Mysterious along with Egyptian civilization. This pyramid, built for the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu, biggest in Egypt. It is one of the seventh wonders of the ancient world that still stands tall.

Made in 2560 BC according to the pages of history. But to build such a large specimen requires highly advanced technical skills and lots of labor, there are always questions about how it was developed in those days without any advanced technology or robots. It is made up of about 2.3 million stone blocks. Although Egyptian history claims that there are tombs and mummies of the king here, there is no accurate evidence of their location. It is known that pyramids can focus on electromagnetic energy. Did Ancient Egyptian scientists know so deeply about physics or is a mere coincidence would remain a question? In 2016, scientists used Meon Ray. Which is capable of piercing stones. From there it is known that there are a lot of empty places where there is nothing. This information has only added fuel to the fire of suspicion.

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan :

human silhouette 1725041 640

Located in the desert of Turkmenistan,  Karakum this hole is known as the road to hell. The hole in the desert is about 69 meters wide and 30 meters deep. Special features of the place is it is burning.But it is strange that methane gas is  seen burning at such a high pressure.An interested Canadian named George Cornish is here with a few companions at the bottom of the hole travels. From where they recovered the stones for research. They said even at such a low temperature, a kind of bacteria can be seen below. Which is more hostile to door to  other planets. This will advance the study of survival in the environment.

Crooked Forest , Poland :

crooked forest 866293 640

Located in West Pomerania, near the town of Griffin, it is home to 400 strangely shaped pine trees forest. Trees were planted in the 1930 .

The strange thing is that even though the surface of the soil is straight from the roots of the trees, it is just above the ground from 9 feet to the top of the bend in an amazing way. Many say gravitational pull along the north again many say extra snowfall is the reason for this exception. But no proper argument has been found about this. Apart from these 400 trees, the other pine trees nearby are straight. It is known that although they were planted in 1930, the trees take a turn after 8 to 10 years. Which makes this forest more mysterious.


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