These Steps make your battery life longer

These Steps make your battery life longer

The most important part of our smartphone is the battery, when the battery is off, everything else is off. So it is very important to take care of the battery of the smartphone, so that it is long-lived.

Of course modern lithium ion batteries are durable and safe. But today’s smartphone companies do not keep the battery connection public. If the battery is damaged, the hassle of changing is too much. In most cases, even after changing the battery, the results get worse. So here are some tips from us that will prolong the battery life of your phone.

Moderately charge and discharge:

Chemical reactions inside batteries are more effective in moderate charge and discharge processes. Rather, charging from 0% to 100% does more harm than good. So always try to charge the battery at 20 to 30 percent and then turn it off after 50 to 60 percent. Not necessarily every time you wait for the battery to run out completely. That will keep your battery good for a long time.

Take proper care of the temperature:

For lithium ion batteries of the phone but high temperature is harmful. Be aware of where you put the phone. Keep away from the heat of any beach or the cold of the fridge. For these the battery is slowly damaged, but if too bad the battery can also explode. So keep an eye on where you are keeping the phone or where you are taking it.

Avoid fast charging if possible:

It is possible to charge the smartphone very fast for the current advanced wireless charging and fast charging. It certainly takes care of your precious time but it is not suitable for the longevity of the battery. Fast charges charge different amounts at different times of the phone’s charging. But in order to keep the battery good, charging at the same speed continuously for a long time should be slow but steady. So if you are not in a hurry, charge the phone slowly for a long time.

Phone battery life:

Most companies claim that charging a phone 400 times from 0 to 100 percent reduces its battery life by about 20 percent. This does not mean that it stops then. Even then, as the number of charging and discharging increases, so does the efficiency of the battery. So be aware of how many times a day you are charging, learn to save battery and use it properly. But in the case of many companies, it is seen that after 100 times of charging, the efficiency decreases by 20 percent or more. So be aware of this. If necessary, buy a phone with a higher capacity battery so that the number of charging is less. So the focus should be on saving the battery.

Decrease screen brightness:

Many times we just increase the brightness of the phone. The screen of the phone consumes the most battery of the phone. So if necessary, it will be useful to keep the auto brightness mode on. Keep the brightness to a minimum while in a dark place or at home. Always keep the brightness low when reading or out in the sun or without much need. This will keep your phone battery healthy.

Specify screen on time:

Many of us have the phone set to 30 seconds screen on time from the start. So we sometimes get bored of reading and increase it to 30 minutes. Which we later forget to reduce and it damages our batteries. Many times the screen stays on even after we stop using it, resulting in wasted battery. You can use apps like Mac Droid or Automation. In which apps for sophisticated machine learning can maintain the equivalent of screen on time according to the duration of your use.

Use Dark Themes or Dark Wallpapers:

The bright colors and white color quickly drain the battery charge. So instead of using bright or very bright white wallpaper, use as little black or as little bright or dark wallpaper or theme as possible. This will increase the battery backup and the battery will be longer.

Be aware of using the app:

We keep installing very heavy social media apps like Facebook, Instagram. If you don’t use such apps much, you can delete it. By logging in to the browser you can also do Facebook. On the other hand, install apps in the lite version that will take up less storage and take care of the background battery. If Facebook comes pre-installed on your phone, you can disable the app by going to settings.

We also use some apps a lot but there are frequent ads for using the free version of the app which is both annoying and harmful for the battery. So if possible, buy the ad free premium version of such widely used apps. This will also improve your battery life.

Notification panel:

We do not pay attention to the notification panel. Many times Bluetooth, NFC, location service or many other things are on the notification panel without our knowledge. So be aware of this and turn off anything unnecessarily which will keep your phone’s battery life good.

Push notifications:

We have a lot of unused apps on our phones that we don’t use but give push notifications all day long. Essentially then the screen is turned on so that even a little damage to the battery. So turn off push notifications for unnecessary apps.

If you follow these shots, you will get a good backup of your battery, so your battery will be in good health. The better the battery is , the better the phone will be. The longer a phone stays good, the better for the environment because if the number of phones increases, it is a loss of nature. So keep the phone good and nature too. Thanks.


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