Corona: the curse of environment or biological weapon of china!

Corona: the curse of environment or biological weapon of china!


Corona Virus and China

Although millions of lives have been lost to the Corona Virus around the world, the world’s most advanced species still do not understand how to deal with it. The situation is so bad that research from which the vaccine was expected is now saying that the coronavirus must live like the HIV virus. Countries have been pointing fingers at China in this crisis for so long. US President Trump has slammed China, saying “either China has made a mistake or let that mistake grow.” However, today’s article is about how responsible China is.

Origin of corona:

China and some other well-known sources claim that its transmission started from the seafood and wildlife market in China’s Wuhan Province. It is probably transmitted to humans from a reptile called Pangolin.

Even then, many small sources and social media platforms expressed doubts about it in various ways. China has repeatedly tried to cover up everything, but the tweets of two Chinese scientists have caused a stir again. They released the two deleted papers to an organization called Research Gate. According to the published news, it has accidentally spread from ‘Wuhan center of Disease Control’. Within a few miles of that market in Wuhan, there are ‘Wuhan institutes of virology’ wrapped in Chinese extra security. Where sophisticated research on viruses is carried out. So this news is horrible.

There is also reason to suspect that the lab has studied the Ebola virus and SAR-COV-1, which is a pre-adapted virus of Covid-19. So a large part of the claim is that it was made in a lab with biological technical skills. Politicians in many countries now refer to it as a biological molecular tool. However, China dismissed all these suspicions and did not back down. According to the United States Director of National Intelligence, this deadly virus is man-made.

But why is China thought to be responsible ??

1. In order to invent a vaccine for a virus, one must have a clear idea of ​where and how the virus originated. But there has always been confusion about the origin of the coronavirus. In this regard, China (research) has not helped any research in many cases, and in many cases, the cause of the origin of the virus has been kept in the dark.

2. The first corona in China is known from screenshots of chats of some university students. The news went viral on social media despite the Chinese government trying to cover it up. According to secret sources, China had severely punished the students.

3. Some U.S. intelligence sources claim that the first coronavirus was found in November. But China has been saying from the beginning that the first news they get is on December 20.

If December 20 is true, then why the Wuhan Market was not closed on New Year’s Day. And if it was known on December 20, then why the lockdown was issued across the country on January 20 so late.

4. China did not feel the need to inform the WHO, IHR, or UNESCO in a timely manner.

5. The Beijing International Airport near Wuhan Market has so far carried about 1.8 million passengers.
The study found that if China had issued a lockdown three weeks ago, the impact might have been reduced by about 95 percent.

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Suspicious information:

1. Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech that he has divided his goal into three parts –
“In 2021, we will establish ourselves as a little-respected nation, in 2035 as a world leader in technology, and in 2051 as a united strong nation like the United States.”

2. China donates 30 million to research after the United States stopped funding the WHO, which it suspects has become too China-centric. Which is seen as a complex political move.

3. In this critical situation of coronavirus, when all the countries are busy with themselves, China is contacting all the countries and saying that they will provide kit and medical support. Which is very suspicious. Because according to history, China has never been a kind country.

4. Although the virus first appeared in China, the death rate there is very low.

What could be the purpose:

1. Of course, the Chinese government is greedy for power. The United States is a major obstacle to establishing itself as a powerful organization in the world. But in the twentieth century, it is not possible to fight at least America with ammunition or cannon, but such a biological killing tool is much more effective. So that the snake will die and the stick will not break.

2. In such a crisis, the economy of most countries will collapse. Of course, China’s intentions in this regard are very clear. If you want to move forward, either work hard or pull down what is in front of you.

3. China is a very cruel country and the population is a huge obstacle to establish itself as the greatest in the world. The Chinese government has been talking about population control for a long time. So this tool may be used to reduce the population.

However, in this situation, the situation of all countries is like “Uncle save your life first”. Most countries will think of protecting their populations, not destroying China. And after this time, all the information about the origin of Corona will be lost. So we will never know whether it is a master plan of China or just a curse of nature.


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